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User:k4t (114892)  
Location:Missouri, United States
AOL IM:katiebugh87 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Basic Stuff;
I'm Katie. My real name's Kathryn, but I wouldn't reccomend calling me that! I'm 15 from Missouri. Sometimes it's boring here, but we all learned how to make our own fun when it gets boring ;) I was born on Dec 20 87, so that makes me a Sagittarius. I hate having my bday so close to xmas-it sucks. You only get presents 1 time a year! Grr. I'm gunna be a Soph in HS. I hated freshman was the worst year of my life..I had to get all new friends. Yeah. So I hope next years better! Anyway. I don't really have a "boyfriend" but actually I do. We've been "involved" for last last year and 8 months. We've broken up 3 times, but always come back to each other. It's a very messed up relationship but that's ok because most of the time it's fun and good. Hmm lets see. I'm 5'5", blue eyes, 115 lbs, with blonde highlighted medium length hair. Lastly; I just want to say that to all of my friends-you guys make me smile and laugh no matter how bad my day's going..without you I wouldn't be able to live.<3

I Like;
Everything under my "interests." Hah. Kt=lazy.

I Dislike;
(most)cheerleaders ; the smell after tanning ; playing most sports ; my school ; it being cloudy ; reading ; wintertime ; fake people ; snotty people ; people who don't like the music i do ; smoking

I've Been Told I'm;
bitchy ; funny ; loud ; quiet ; outgoing ; annoying ; shy ; blonde ; nice ; pretty ; a complainer ; a drama queen ; crazy &others.

COLOR:: pink
CD: linkin park-meteora
CELEB: justin timberlake
SiNGER: justin timberlake, ashanti
BAND: linkin park, taking back sunday
MOViE: crossroads, scary movie, swimfan, sweet home alabama, the hot chick, coyote ugly
TV SHOW: the real world &most reality shows

My Diary;
It's my thoughts, so why would you even want to fight with something I say? Yeah, if you're going to say gay shit or just want to be my "friend" to add to your list, don't do it. Add me if we have common interests or whatever. Don't add me if I don't comment every freakin hour because SORRY I have a life and will try to comment atleast every other night. MK? I love getting new friends..don't get me wrong.<3

aim: katiebugh87

The WeatherPixie
Interests:68: 15, 4, 8, abercrombie, aim, airplanes, amusement parks, baseball games, basements, bass, being happy, being lazy, being stupid, calendars, causing trouble, cell phones, coyote ugly, crossroads, dale earnhardt jr, destin, drinking, driving, dvds, eating, eclipses, express, florida, friends, gum, guys, having fun, hot weather, internet, jolly ranchers, july, kansas city, kisses, lake, laughing, linkin park, magazines, making websites, mall, mp3s, music, night time, pictures, pizza, rollarcoasters, scary movie, sonic, st louis, storms, strawberry daqurries, summer, sun, sweet home alabama, swimfan, swimming, tanning, the color pink, the osbournes, traveling, vacation, weekends, wet seal, writing, xoxo
Friends:9: dunholdmedown, jermz_8_it, pinkish_candii, pinkkitty, roxygrlx3, seducinxsweeti3, starryeyed1, xonelastbreathx, x_sarrie
Friend of:4: jermz_8_it, pinkkitty, seducinxsweeti3, x_sarrie
Member of:2: downloadable, linkin_park
Account type:Early Adopter

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