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User:justsomechik2u7 (94795)
Location:fallbrook, United States
Yahoo! ID:Just_Some_Chik_2_You_Again (Add User, Send Message)

I am 19, I just moved back to fallbrook from Pacific beach. "Why?" u ask, to cut a long story short, my friend(roomate) got back with her b/f and i couldn't make rent alone. Well anyways I just started working at Albertsons(yah, I'm going places). lol. Hey it works for now, i plan on saving up money and moving back to PB. I love it there. I enjoy drinking, hanging with friends, partying, concerts, meeting new people, anything outdoors, i recently got back into sk8ing i stopped for a few years. I'm into trying new things except for drugs and stuff like that, i dont do. I'm a pretty easygoing person, i dont like a lotta drama. So if ur gonna talk to me, save it! I dont really know why I'm doing this shit, im just bored, "idle hands are the devils playground." just playing, lol. Well if u think im someone u could be friends with pm me on yahoo Just_Some_Chik_2_You_Again i have pics and info on my yahoo profile or im me on aim Justsomechik7. I know, im all over the place. Well ttyl. ROCK N ROLL EVERYONE!
Interests:63: acdc, aerosmith, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, allister, beastie boys, billy idol, bon jovi, box car racer, bright eyes, chevelle, cold, dramarama, epic, evanescense, flock of segulls, flys, foofighters(a lil), from the shadows, get up kids, goldfinger, good charlotte, goodwin, hot water music, interpol, iron maiden, jimmy eat world, kottonmouth kings, lagwagon, matchbook romance, metallica, music- hot hot heat, mxpx, nofx, offspring, oingo boingo, pedro the lion, pennywise, pod, ramones, rancid, rocket from the crypt, saliva, simple plan, slick shoes, slipknot, sparta, sugar cult, switchfoot, taking back sunday, taproot, the cure, the faint, the suicide machines, the used, thursday, transplants(diamonds and gun), trapt, trust co., unwritten law, van halen, weezer, yellow card
Friends:1: dramatized0
Friend of:2: crazy_rush_04, dramatized0
Account type:Early Adopter

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