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Below is user information for &:♥ Jeska. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:justan0thergirl (198594)
Name:&:♥ Jeska
Website:other blurty
Location:Nebraska, United States
AOL IM:Phat AnGeL 519 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 219822668 (Add User, Send Message)
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writing; poems; kisses; hugs; bieng loved; candie; coloring; crayons; music; sleeping; making up; clothes; talking; people who IM me; letters; touch; having people to love; my family + freinds; walking; pepsi; pixi stix; candles; pictures; books; my room; telephone; posters; ani difranco; angelina jolie; micheal vartan <3; makeup; perfume; girl stuff; converse; skateboarding; snowboarding; running; david; boys; art; painting; reading; stores; douches like you;


Avril Lavigne; missing people; annoying people; love; bieng mad; bitches; assholes; dicks; sluts; players; "pimps"; concieted people; ducks; bieng led on; liars; moving; waking up; school; pretty people; preps; cheerleaders; computers; block button; not trustworthy; rumors; people who want attention; blondes; bieng scared; not bieng loved; hilary duff; amanda bynes; j-lo; HOES THAT GO TO VALENTINER RUARL HIGH SCHOOL; rumors; bieng alone

Morty the Death's Head

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Interests:150: acting, add, adorable, aim, alanis morissette, alice in wonderland, ani difranco, animal rights, anti-war, antipeople, aol, art, beautiful scars, beauty in bleeding, being a dork, bipolar, birthdays, bitching, bleed me beautiful, bleeding, bloody queen, blurty, books, bookstores, boys, bracelets, bruises, buddies, caramel, chatting, chocolate, chocolate frosting, clouds, computers, cutting, dancing, danger, depression, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drinking, dvds, eat me, eating, edgar allen poe, email, eminem, eyes, fairytales, fashion, flowers, forests, friends, friendship, fucked up fairytale, glass, glitter, guys, hair, handbags, heart, hearts, hearts and flowers, hope, hot guys, html, hugs, im, intelligent people, interests, internet, jackass, jello, jewelry, kisses, lips, literature, love, make new friends, makeup, manic depression, meet, meeting, micheal vartan, movies, music, my family, my friends, overseas, painting, pals, penpals, people, perfect scars, peter pan, photography, pictures, piercings, pixies, poetry, pretty layouts, rain, rainbows, raincoats, razor blades, razor star, razor whore, reading, role playing, romance, romeo and juliet, roses, rubber soul, safety pins, scar me pretty, scissors, self worth, self-harm, self-injury, self-mutilation, sex, shakespeare, singing, sketching, skiing, sleeping, snow, snowbording, sociology, souls, spirits, starlet scar, stars, steve-o, suicide, talking, the moon, thinking, through the looking glass, tori amos, twisted fairytale, walking, we're all mad here, winter, wishes, wishing, writing,
Friends:287: 0o0_sweet_0o0, 0ver_you, aber_crombie, abn0rmal, abort, adorable_me, alixsha, ali_x0, anddarling, ang3l_x, angie_mima, aninfinitedream, anonymousone, antiyoux3, art__star, atomicbloodykis, attitude_, audraisaudra, avalon5825, aydioschica, azure_sky, a__bloodier_way, babixcait, babyrose200026, bambangboom, bangbangdeath, bein_chris, bikiniskill, bionic, blinded_anomie, blindmyeyes, boi_crazii, bondagepornstar, boredgirl260, breaktheglass, bruise_pristine, calanela, candyxhearts, candyxxraver, catatonicfaery, chrissyb00, coolpearls, cough_loser, crazii4you, crossoutmyeyes, damn_im_cute, dancindolli_, dancingqueen848, deafeningquiet, deathbed, defiant_child, desa, de_ception, dirty_nails, disco_supafly, disintegrate, disorders, door_knob_flirt, doyouwantme, dramaditz85, effulgent_days, elaborated, emergency_, emogirlshoes, emo_kiddo, evilshopingkart, evil_kandy_kane, eyelinerz, facethefloor, fadedxdreams, faking, fallintothesky, fcuktard, footprint, forget_december, forgotten_, frozen_smile, gczriotgrrl, glitteryxspikes, gluedsafetypins, gotohell, graphic__wh0re, grungediva, hailiejade, hartsy2427, hazyxeyes, heartsfallapart, heavendaizerjen, hiddenthoughts, hookedoncoffie, hotpox, ic0nified, iceblink, imalone, imsoconfused, innocent1775, innocentlyme, itakeitback, itouchmyself, ivorythighs, i_killed_avril, jadasin, jboi, jclifton, jeska_, jessooooo, johnnypg, justakid, justakid_, justmealways, kaos143, kewlkoloredkid, keyofx, killkillkill, kissnowhite, koaleyx, krankie_fairy, kranky_fairy, lilkissesxox, lilspicegirl, lil_0ne, lingerie_, little_missy_, look_behind_you, losers_are_cool, love_pixie, lperfectsonnetl, luckycharm, lunar, m54samman, makemusic, mandalynnsb005, marchelectric, mas0chism, mirick, missyou_ido, moesus, musicgoddess05, mydestiny, mylastchance, mypain, my_black_love, nai_rox_u, nocturnal007, nothinq, nurvcentre, oh_snap, oh_wow_its_amy, olpcarnival, omariz_qurl, once_up0nafreak, oosexiiyeilinoo, orbitgumisyum, pepperdoll, pepsikittie, perfectionx, piinkslipperz, pixieprincess, pocketofstars, poetrypwincess, pookiebear, prittypinktutu, punk_angel_ashy, punk_rock_poser, raincoat, remorsefultears, revealed, rianne, riotxkid, rude_people, ruin_of_angels, sachot, saintanthony, sarah69says, sarahsqrepants1, scenexwhore, sea_breeze, secert_love, serotonin_lily, sexi3_styl3, shatteredglass, sheburns, shesjustat0y, shortyluvsjuciy, simplysexy, sk8terboi, skanky_scissors, skittl3s, slackiss, sloanerr, smo0thiiez, snowbunni6903, so0damnpretty, soadchick229, spaceghost, spookyxstarbuck, sporkalicious, ssirdi, starsarelame, starsatnite, starslight, starswillfallx, stitch_me, stonerpaul, strawberriiz, suicidal_tears, sulfuric_acid, suz4eva, sweetiepiejess, sweetxoxkissez, sweet_suduction, t0pless, t0rn_thoughtz, taralicious, tastethekilljoy, teenageriot_x, tenaciously, that_good, thejoeljournal, therockshow, the_sims, this_dying_wish, tig_ol_ditties, tintin, trigger__happy, tsunamibomberx, ukno_, utopianhaze, vannahlovingirl, vintagebliss, w0otw0ot, washedjeans, waste_me, wikidbytch36, wildred07, woodenfork, x0nfgbabe0x, x0xcrying, x0xsweetwunx0x, x0_nightiingale, xblacksoulx, xchicax, xdysturbed1x, xemilyjx, xenchantingx, xh0pef0rsuicide, xhatexmex, xheartbroken, xobsessionx, xogurls_ruleox, xolovinvinxo, xoxsugarkissxox, xoxsunshinexox, xscarsxnxstarsx, xsecret, xtasty, xxhatethisliexx, xxlonely_eyesxx, xxxlilloserxxx, xxxxjojoxxxxx, x_dream, x_qirlfriend, y0ungxh0peless, yellowtrouble, yesplease, yourepretty, _blowmeaway, _chica, _cocaine, _cut_you, _destinyy, _euphoria, _eurie_, _eyeliner_, _gl0ss_, _katzg0necrazii, _masturbation, _punkxprincess_, _ratedx, _x0x0, _yes_its_me, __anti__you__, __glitter, __gremmie, __juggalette, __stitches, ___valerie
Friend of:88: ali_x0, antiyoux3, art__star, audraisaudra, babyrose200026, bein_chris, blinded_anomie, bondagepornstar, candyxhearts, coolpearls, dancindolli_, de_ception, dramaditz85, elaborated, emo_kiddo, faking, fcuktard, forgotten_, gczriotgrrl, glitteryxspikes, gluedsafetypins, hazyxeyes, hiddenthoughts, hotpox, ic0nified, imalone, innocentlyme, itakeitback, itouchmyself, i_killed_avril_, jadasin, jessooooo, justakid, justakid_, killkillkill, lilspicegirl, lip_gloss, little_missy_, love_pixie, lperfectsonnetl, moesus, mypain, my_black_love, nai_rox_u, nocturnal007, nothinq, oh_wow_its_amy, once_up0nafreak, pepsikittie, piinkslipperz, pookiebear, raincoat, sheburns, shesjustat0y, shortyluvsjuciy, sk8terboi, snowbunni6903, spookyxstarbuck, starsatnite, starslight, starswillfallx, sweetiepiejess, taralicious, that_good, tig_ol_ditties, trigger__happy, tsunamibomberx, utopianhaze, vannahlovingirl, wikidbytch36, wildred07, woodenfork, x0xsweetwunx0x, x0_nightiingale, xchicax, xenchantingx, xobsessionx, xoxsugarkissxox, xoxsunshinexox, xtasty, xxhatethisliexx, y0ungxh0peless, yellowtrouble, yourepretty, _cocaine, _eyeliner_, _whoregasm, __stitches
Member of:71: addmedamnit, anti_avril, a_make0verr, banqin_lay0utz, beyondhorny, bigbooty, blurtymakeovers, boyfriends, claim_my_body, clone__high, comment_whore, designerwhores, disorders, dorkiie_ness, downassbitches, downloadable, emo_screamo, eroticstories, freewriting, free_shxt, fuckup, fuckyou, gethitched, girls_club, girltouching, hate_this_list, hot_hair, html_icons_plus, iconage, icons4you, iconsurequest, icons_, icons_4_u, in_the_shadows, i_killed_avril, lay0uts, layouts_comm, layoutwhore, layout_icons, lay_me_out, le_snob, liipgloss, like_firah, lipsrlicious, little_j0ker_, newfriends, oddly_enough, ohgood, photography, photoshop, pierced_n_proud, pierretastic, random_madness, rude_people, sa_icons, sextips, shareyourdreams, shatteredstars, societyviewsyou, stopthepain, suicide_note, surveysluts, thingie, xworth_morex, _birthdays, _braceletxwh0re, _chica, _chubbychicks, _hot_or_not_, _icon_whores_, __depression__
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