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Below is user information for Ashlee. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:justabreakdown (859740)  
Location:Maryland, United States

By the way you have to comment in
order to be added, or otherwise you
won't be added and i won't know you
wanna be a friend.

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credited to winterfades @ GJ &
vintagedreamer @ LJ. Thanks.
Interests:111: 3cg records, aaliyah, april margera, arika king, ashlee simpson, bam margera, bam's crew, bam's symbol, beavis and butthead, being a dork, black nail polish, boston post, bush, canada, carmen rasmusen, carson kressley, cheaper by the dozen, christina aguilera, clayton aiken, concerts, cotton candy, david derosiers, devon gummersall, diana degarmo, digital cameras, don vito, dont feed phil campaign, elizabeth letendre, ellen degeneres, fabulous 5, good charlotte, hanson, hanson snowed in, having fun, hawaii, hawaiian tshirts, hearts in the sand, hidell, hotpink eyeliner, hotpink mascara, hotpink pumps, hummers, imx, isaac hanson, jackass, jai rodriquez, jasmine trias, jessica simpson, john stevens, johnny knoxville, josh gracin, katie webber, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kimberely caldwell, kimberely locke, kurt cobain, kyan douglas, lila mccann, lindsay lohan, lipgloss, los lonely boys, mandy moore, marilyn manson, matt bomer, matthew rogers, metallica, michael trucco, moon bounces, muchmusic channel, my chemical romance, my so called life, nfg, nirvana, no doubt, one tree hill, papa roach, paula abdul, peaches, phil margera, pierre bouvier, poprocks, punk'd, punks, pusch, radio free roscoe, rancid, record and tape traders, ryan dunn, sara evans, senses fail, social distortion, sonic drive in, strawberries, sugarcult, taylor hanson, ted allen, the moffatts, the oc, the osbournes, the show out there, the used, the w's, things that say aloha, thom felicia, tim mcgraw, tru calling, underneath their new album, viva la bam, wee man, zachary hanson
Friends:1: claymakesmecry
Friend of:3: claymakesmecry, dontcallmebabyx, lilxcutie
Member of:4: hidellfans, joel_gc_madden, moffatts_fans, thebostonpost
Account type:Free User

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