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User:junkies_village (144039)
Name:Homeroom Totes
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bio:you're the analyst
the fungus in my milk
when you want no one
and you got someone
through the wind
you crawl
and laugh at burning dunes
when no one else will
ever see

now that you know why you feel like you do
they're turning their head whilst they wait
for no one
and finally I know why you feel like letting go

I'm watching you watch
over me and I've got
the greatest view from here
mistakes don't mean a thing
if you don't regret them
so pack your tactic toes for the winter
chain a waterfall to burned and withered skin
no-one else will ever see
Interests:76: almost famous, anna sui, baton rouge, bcbg, bert mccracken, bio-dome, blow, braceface, chocolate fountains, coconut creams, coldplay, colin farrell, cookie dough ice cream, d&g, daniel johns, deftones, diesel, disney movies, dr.seus, emm gryner, empire records, evanescence, fall, fruits, full house, grapefruits, i love lucy, jackass, jessica panzera, jhonny depp, johnny knoxville, justin timberlake, kate hudson, kate moss, killah clothing, kiwis, make-up, mango, miss sixty, my chemical romance, my girl, n-e-r-d, october sky, pelican noices, penny lane, pharell willams, pigs, pineapple, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, sephora, sex and the city, shopping, silverchair, skeet ulrich, sleeping, smirnoff ice, space fb, spring, stella mccarthney, strawberries, sublime, summer nights, televison, the roots, the used, thirty seconds to mars, tiki-ming, trainspotting, tropical creams, urban decay, urban outfitters, vegitarian pizza, wonder years, yoga, zara
Friends:8: cherry_scented, childofbodom, hybrid_stigmata, pjharvey, serpentine_vice, slumz_tha_klown, tweetys_twat, waxbutterfly
Friend of:7: childofbodom, hybrid_stigmata, pjharvey, serpentine_vice, slumz_tha_klown, tweetys_twat, waxbutterfly
Account type:Early Adopter

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