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User:jumping_ely (297090)
Location:Hialeah, Florida, United States
AOL IM:xratedladiexx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:::jumps!:: heiiii! i'm ely, oviously. I love jumping ::jumps!:: moving on. I'm 7teen and a SENIOR @ Hialeah High. I'm on the swim team, and I love everiiieee sport =] i'm good at them too, concided naw, just good. I'm bi meaning i like guys yeah and girls ::screams:: "HOMO!!!" that would be meee. Lyke it or not I can care less. Lables... I dunt like them but if you would like to know i'm meee i dress according to my mood I just dunt like the whole -ghetto- thing I got tired of it.
I listen to any type of musik except that jksdhkdfhkjahkj stuff like realllllie heavy metal, thats not me. I'm also a lifeguard, yeah I know CPR, but no I dunt need any practice I can do it perfectly fine lol ;] umm what else. I'm uglyyy and fat yup like 300 pounds. No no j.k. like 180 but you know what they saii about fat girls "they can wurk it" (lmao)
I also have brown eyes they change colors whenever they feel like it, and I have brown, blonde, every color hair.. By the waii I got 103% in math math test todaii ::jumps:: Okaiiii well i'm tired of writing if you wanna know more HoLLA (yup its the ghettoness)..
Interests:12: beach, eating poop, friends, jumping, movies, musik, my family, party, pranks, skool, snowboarding! (thats the shytt), sports
Friends:4: loser89, moon_demise, sexylilqti, taint3ed_love
Friend of:2: loser89, sexylilqti
Account type:Free User

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