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Below is user information for a little slice of heaven. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jucifer (89498)
Name:a little slice of heaven
Website:Wish List
Location:United States
Bio:Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes.

The WeatherPixie
Interests:150: absolutely fabulous, action figures, alan moore, angels of light, antiques, art deco, art fags, art nouveau, audio art, avant-garde, bach, bald men, bauhaus, beethoven, bettie page, bizarre magazine, black holes, boston, bourbon, brian eno, brit pop, bubble baths, camus, can, castles, cats, cemeteries, charlie parker, cigars, cindy talk, comic books, corsets, crucifixes, david lynch, death in june, dilapidated buildings, drawing, ed wood, egon schiele, einstein's dreams, erotica, existentialism, exotic cheeses, expressionism, fake eyelashes, film, film noir, fishnet stockings, flea markets, francis bacon, franz kafka, gaming, gargoyles, gargoyles grotesques and chimeras, gary oldman, george crumb, giya kancheli, glenn branca, good wine, gundam wing, gyorgy ligeti, history channel, hubba hubba, iannis xenakis, iconography, jacques, jazz night clubs, jewelry, jim beam, john cage, john coltrane, joy division, kitsch, korg, last rite kits, lipstick, lost highway, mac cosmetics, martin denny, martinis, mass art, massachusetts college of art, michael gira, modern classical, moorcock, neil gaiman, nick cave, nick drake, npr, obscurity, ogdred weary, old mansions, orlando bloom, painting, patrick stewart, perez prado, peter weller, philosophy, photography, pinup girls, platforms, psychology, rain, ranier maria rilke, red dwarf, renaissance, rosary beads, satre, sci-fi movies, scientific american, sean bean, shoes, short stories, silent films, sinnocence, sins of jesus, sound art, soundscape, space time theory, stephen hawking, stng, swans, sycophants, tattoos, the germans, the ice storm, the residents, the swans, thomas hardy, thrift stores, thunder storms, tolkien, toy collecting, tudor, twin peaks, ultraman, vampire hunter d, velvet goldmine, victorian era, viggo mortensen, vintage clothing, vinyl, wally's cafe, william s. burroughs, wings of desire, wired magazine, world of skin, xena, yard sales, young god records
Friends:2: invite_codes, jucifer
Friend of:1: jucifer
Account type:Early Adopter

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