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User:jrm_gc (71849)
Name:Joel Madden
Website:Let me go.
Location:Waldorf/Naptown, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:JoelSexyHott (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Yo,I'm Joel Madden.I'm the lead singer in a little band called Good Charlotte,maybe you've heard of us. I also co-host All Things Rock with my twin bro Benji :nods: we suck at it but for some reason they let us keep "vjing" :shrugs: go figure.

This is GC
jrm_gc. That's me, what else is there to say?
benji_l_madden_. My twin brother Benji. He's older by 5 minutes but I can still kick his ass..yeah, I wish. You mess with him and you're gonna have to answer to me. I'd take the bullet for him anyday. 'Stand?
b_martin_. He's only the guitarist :laughs:. But ya gotta love 'im. But you better watch out. He and his hamsters 'll get ya. He's my bro. Mess with 'im and you're going down. Capeesh?

[[[This is fake as in not real, an rpg, made up. Get the point? I'm just a fan. So don't comment here and be all, "omg,is this the real Joel Madden??!!" cuz it's not. I'd think that you'd have more common sense than that. If you want to play along,be my guest. And if you have to comment on how much of a "loser" I am for doing this than do not comment annonymously because that's just showing that you have absolutely no back bone what so ever]]]
Memories:2 entries
Interests:63: all things rock, anything home cooked, benji, billy, cashdogg, chilling, clubs, coffee, cussing, dr dre, elvis costello, everclear, fans, fighting, foo fighters, fraggle rock, girls, goldfinger, goth girls, government issue, green day, h2o, hip hop, jimmy's chicken shack, level 27 clothing, lowriders, made clothing, martin, mest, minor threat, mxpx, naptown, new bands, new found glory, nirvana, oasis, parties, paul, punk girls, punks, rancid, rap, rock, saliva, sarah michelle geller, shows, simple plan, singing, star wars, swearing, tattoos, the beastie boys, the clash, the halo friendlies, the ramones, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, the simpsons, thugs, touring, trainspotting, waldorf, warped tour
Friends:29: av_ramona, ayala_tracex, babytara, benjizluva, benji_l_madden_, briitney_jean, brokenaddi, b_martin_, evilqueen23, fu_d, gwen_likeme, heavenlydunst, hilton_, jemsy_lee, jenna_x_dewan, jen_morris, kelly_bc, k_oz, laura_x_lynne, linnie, luvtheguitarist, nrc_mods, sleepy_kitty, sororityjordan_, ticklexmexpink, tina_aguilera_, _donna_c_, _stinky_, __kristinkreuk
Friend of:19: ayala_tracex, brokenaddi, creepycrzygurl, elle_chriqui, eminem_sh0w, evilqueen23, gc_4life, krazypunk, loserkid88, luvtheguitarist, marionelise, miss_jackson, punk_gurl_jess, urpinknessz, xtrickyxchrisx, xy, _bouvier_, _kat_heigl, _m_moore_
Member of:3: nrc_icons, rpg_ads, rpg_central
Account type:Early Adopter

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