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Below is information about the "¤¤ Claim a Jplushie! ¤¤" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:jplush (545630)  
Name:¤¤ Claim a Jplushie! ¤¤
Website:¤ Claims list ¤

¤ Claim a Jplushie! ¤

This is a claims community where you get to claim your favorite Jrock or Jpop star as a plushie!

This was inspired by claim_a_plush where you can claim your favorite anime, manga and game characters as plushies.

¤ Rules ¤

• The first ten claimers get two plushies, after that you can only have one.

• You can only claim Jrock & Jpop artists.

• Claims can be shared by a maximum of three people if the first claimer allows sharing.

• When making a claim please post your claims name and the band they are in if it applies.

• Please check through the claims list before claiming anyone.

• Linking back to the community in your userinfo isn't required but would be appreciated.

¤ Claims list ¤

• Claims will be listed alphabatically.

• Your claim will be replied to when you have been added to the claims list or if there are any problems.

Click here to view the list.

¤ Buttons ¤

You can link back to the community with the following buttons which must be uploaded to your own server.

Buttons by kagi.

Interests:46: aikawa nanase, claiming, claims, despairs ray, die, dir en grey, duel jewel, eve of destiny, gackt, glay, hide, hyde, j, janne da arc, jpop, jrock, kagrra, kami, kana, kaoru, klaha, kozi, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, luna sea, malice mizer, mana, miyavi, moi dix mois, mucc, nightmare, penicillin, pierrot, plastic tree, plushies, pride of mind, psycho le cemu, sads, shiina ringo, shinya, sugizo, toshiya, vidoll, waive, x-japan, yu~ki
Members:12: begoniascar, blu_kitty, kagi, kawaiifairy, mirukii, okiichichi, ray_toshiya, rikako, shinzon, sinisterspider, vanillamiyavi, zomboidfilth
Watched by:4: blu_kitty, kawaiifairy, shinzon, sinisterspider
Account type:Free User

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