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Below is user information for Jounouchi Katsuya. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jounouchi_kun (139833)
Name:Jounouchi Katsuya
Location:Domino City, Japan
AOL IM:Jouunouchi (Add Buddy, Send Message)

----[ name ] - Katsuya Jounouchi

----[ color hair ] - Blonde

----[ color eyes ] - Amber

----[ date of birth ] - January 25th

----[ zodiac sign ] - Aquarius

----[ age ] - 16

----[ height ] - 178 cm ( 5'10 )

----[ weight ] - 62 kg ( 136.4lb )

----[ gender ] - Male

----[ blood type ] - B

----[ location ] - Domino City, Japan

----[ favorite food ] - Curry Rice

----[ most disliked food ] - Nothing

----[ family ] - Sister (Shizuka), Parents divorced. Lives with father. kuso..

----[ favorite cards ] - Red Eyes Black Dragon, Flameswordsman

[ This is a rp Journal. If you want to add me to your friends list. Sure. But beware of some of the things that are written here! Just don't comment bad things or any thing mean. >>; ja! ]

Interests:28: anime, anzu, arcade, chocolate pocky, crepes, doujinshis, fights, flameswordsman, food, foooooooooooooood, friendships, games, good cow, hentai, honda, ice cream, kaiba, luck, malik, mangas, otogi, pocky, red eyes black dragon, ryou, shizuka, strawberry pocky, the game shop, yuugi
Friends:11: bakura_ryou, innocent_hikari, isis_ishtar, maliknotenshi, mastermalik, miho_nozaka, m_kaiba, priestset, serenitywheeler, yamimalik, yuugi
Friend of:17: bakura_ryou, final_dream, goggled_warrior, innocent_hikari, isis_ishtar, kaoru_dono, maliknotenshi, mastermalik, mazaki_anzu, miho_nozaka, mikari, m_kaiba, priestset, puchikou, serenitywheeler, yamimalik, yuugi
Account type:Early Adopter

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