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Below is user information for Jonathan. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jonathan_davis (55743)
Website:I lipsynch, I lipsynch.
Location:California, United States
Bio:That one guy, in that one band...yeah, you know the one. The fag from Bako.

I guess I should put more in this but y'know what? I'm not going to. :p
Interests:35: abuse, anne rice, bako, being online, biting people, boats, brian, cali, david, family values, follow the leader, hanging out, ice cube, issues, james, kilts, korn, life is peachy, making albums, music, my son, nathan, nathan "karma" cox, noise, orgy, playing bagpipes, porn, prozac, queen of the damned, reggie, sex, the fans, the studio, touring, untouchables
Friends:107: almostkate, amy_l33, ataris_kris, avrilxlavignex, awesometara, barelybrody, bbmaks_burnsy, benji_l_m, bev_mitch, bigbadbrad01, bizzy_d_whibley, blinkman_mark, bourret, branden_used, brian_welch, candy_mandy_, chad__gilbert, chasmin, chazy_b, cindythomasxox, clarksoncutie, cyrus__bolooki, daron_malakian, david_silveria, deven_davis, digital_dreamr, dirrty__xtina_, donthateonlance, eatmyfuck, ej_wood46, elizaxdushku_, emmarshall, evan_4_ever, franka_potente, f_dominguez, george_dubya, ginger_halo, hayden__, ian__nfg, imbruglia0, james_shaffer, james___king, jenny_t_, jenxdelongex, jerexmest, jimmyxurine, johnny_the_mod, joseph_hahn, js_chasez, julian__strokes, justifiedtms, just_trace, j_mayer077, kellylee, kreuk___k, level_billy27, lillix_louise, lovato_anthony, lyn_z, madden_sis_sar, mattxmest, mattxxbrann, max_weinberg, michaelshinoda, mista_pundik, nadia_bjorlin, natalie_port, originallucy, orli_bloom_, pheonixfarrell, pierre_sp, p_posey, p_rception, quinnifer, quirkykeanu, rachxthexpussy, reginald_arvizu, rob_bourdy, saint_paul, sam_bennington, sarahmartinxo, she_elf_liv, skyexhoppus, stella_warren, stevexnfg, steve_righ, stevo, studboyserj, theconan, theused_jeph, tommy_delong, travis_182, twin_ash_olsen, tysonxritter, t__castellano, vanessayt, xbrit_murphy, xchellexbranchx, xchristinaricci, xheathledger, xmadex__joelx, x_lena_x, yellowsponge, _jackxosbourne, _jessica_alba, _julia_, _smg_
Account type:Early Adopter

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