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Below is user information for -Starfish of Darkness-. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jojobaju (539387)
Name:-Starfish of Darkness-
+Likes open-minded people
+Will add you to it's friends list if you do the same
+Doesn't like Nazi's
+Likes Mark McGrath

Interests:140: 60's, 80's, 99's, agnosticism, alcohol, animal crackers, animal rights, animals, anime, anti-america, anti-avril lavigne, anti-fur, anti-needles, aqua, artificial leather, austin powers, barbies, beds, being stupid, belts, bjork, black, black hair, black roses, blankets, blue, blue eyes, boots, boxers, buckles, bust a groove, buttons, carrots, chicago, chii, chobits, chopsticks, christina aguilera, computers, cowboy hats, crying, darkness, ddr, desks, different, dogs, drugs, dsl, dumb and dumber, electronica, emotion, equality, evil, eyeliner, eyes, feelings, flowers, francois nars, fruits, geisha, geishas, ghosts, gothic, green, green peace, gummy bears, hair, hating ignorant people, hats, horror movies, ice, icons, idiosyncracy, japan, japanese, karma, lace, lakes, language arts, leelee sobieski, legs, lil kim, lipgloss, lollipops, make-up, margaret cho, martini, martinis, mechanical pencils, moths, movies, music, musicals, necks, oceans, p!nk, pacifism, pacifist, peace, peace rallys, phones, piercings, pills, pink, pizza, poetry, protests, psychology, riots, samara, shadows, shane west, shins, shoes, shows, soul, spikes, spirits, strange, straws, t.a.t.u., tears, the devotchkas, the moon, the ring, the sims, tongue piercings, unique, vampires, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vespertine, vintage, water, weird, weirdness, whips, wigs, witchcraft, yellow.
Friends:1: kigan
Member of:1: _markm_is_sexy_
Account type:Free User

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