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Below is user information for John Rzeznik. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:johnny_rzeznik (221905)
Name:John Rzeznik
Website:I'm Still Here
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:John x Is x Here (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Full Name: John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik

Nickname: Johnny

Birthdate: December 5, 1965

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Cerulean Blue

Birthplace: Buffalo, NY ; in a small Polish working-class neighborhood called "Polonia"

Parents: Dad (Joseph Rzeznik) was a mailman and local bowling champ; Mom (Edith Rzeznik) taught at the catholic grade school Johnny attended. Both his parents died when he was 16.

I'm not really Johnny Rzeznik. I'm just a fan ROLE PLAYING him! Don't IM me thinking I'm him and the same goes for commenting in my journal.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:3: guitars, singing, the goo goo dolls
Friends:9: abenson, affleckish, alisonlarter, alittle_faith, alli_mack, almost_amy, bbmak_christian, pop_life_mods, pop_life_ooc
Friend of:104: aj_cook, alisonlarter, alli_mack, alyson_h_, amber_b, amit_paul, amy_a, andiestar, annapaquin, appleby__, ashleyboyangel, barry_mark, bbmak_christian, bbmak_mcnally, brokster_bri, call_me_martie, caprice_bourret, carly_l, channingtatum, charisma__, chesney, chrissy_girl, chris__carrabba, craig__nicholls, craving_carmen, damiankulash, ecaulfield, eme_nyfinest, eternal_eliza, evvann, ewan, e_dushku, foolishjustin_g, gc_sickboy, greggyboy, gregory_s, hani, hottiedan69, iamjustified, ikehanson, james_franco, jenny_frosty, jessica_, jizzoel, joel_from_gc, jordana_brewstr, justifiedtlake, justin_jeffre, just_britney, j_behr, j_harnett, j_rhysmeyers, katona, kell_bell, laetitia, lavigne_av, lij__wood, livvie_tyler, liz_mcclarnon, ljrwitherspoon, lucky_britney, maj_delfino, mariexserneholt, martin__billy, marty_west, michelle_t, missrussell, miss_branch, m_sokoloff, natalie_bryant, nicky_g_carter, otown_trevor, pbouvier, rach_l_cook, sara__l, scottmft, sexy_cher, siickboy, simply_simpson, stacey_x_farber, strong_, sweet_shannon, tamyra_gray_, texasgirly, tobey__maguire, vkartheiser, will_estes, wl_shane, xjuliastiles, xscottx, zac_, _alexis, _annehathaway, _big_d_, _carmel, _chriqui, _colinfarrell, _david_, _katieholmes_, _klkreuk_, _mandymoore_, _nickcarter_, _nickyhilton, _sexay__tay_
Member of:2: alittle_faith, celebrity__skin
Account type:Free User

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