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Below is user information for Joel Madden. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:joelxrxmadden (199530)
Name:Joel Madden
Website:little things
Location:Waldorf, Maryland, United States
Bio:Yo I'm Joel. I'm the vocalist for the band Good Charlotte. I'm a twin. That's right, Benji Madden is my twin brother. I'm hotter though. You all fucking know it. I'm gay, so all you fucking teenie bitches, fuck off. Besides, I have a boyfriend. I ain't had sex in 5 years. Ok, so that's obviously a lie. Who could deny my sexy body? Well let's see...Avril, Dave, and the list goes on ;)

So I'll be stupid and list my band here:

b_of_gc Benji, my twin, and the guitarist.
gcbilliam Billy, our other guitarist and one fucking awesome dude.
xxpaulthomas Paul, probably my best friend besides Benji, and our bassist.
Chris Wilson (Someone make that kid get a journal...soon.) Chris, our most recent drummer.

My family:

lil_madden_sis I love you Sarah! Be a good girl.
Josh Madden (Josh...get your ass one of these) Josh. What can I say? He's my older brother.
Mom Need I say more?

Like Family:

matthewxlovato :-D I hate him...he's my worst enemy. But seriously, if Britney Spears tries to touch him, it'll be hit her one more time. Mine mine mine! Clear enough?
____brody____ BRODY!!!!! She's fucking awesome. Like the older sister I never had. Mess with her, and you'll have a meeting with my fist and my homies from the ghetto.
t_o_n_y Tony! Dude, he's fucking awesome. And he's Matt's cousin, so that automatically makes him rad. He's like a brother too me, only not really. You'll get an ass kicking if you screw with him.
stevexklein Sarah's boyfriend. Don't fuck with him. I will beat your ass if you fuck with him.
nfg_cyrus He's a monkey. That's all I'm gonna say about Cyrus.
_timbershake_ Man, this kid, he's fucking awesome. Never met a cooler pop kid. He knows how to be downright ghetto. And he also hates Britney.

[I'm not Joel. Shut up. Go cry to your mommy and learn what roleplay is. I'm a fan. An obsessed fan with no life. Choke and die bitches :)]
Memories:1 entry
Interests:13: benji madden, billy martin, chris wilson, ghettoness, good charlotte, jeremiah rangel, justin timberlake, matt lovato, mest, nick gigler, paul thomas, thugs, tony lovato
Friends:34: adamxlohrbach, amy_lee, bertdaddy, brit__spears__, brokeninfluence, b_of_gc, chuckxcomeau, dunstgirl01, gcbilliam, happynoodlemod, jessiexsimpson, joelxrxmadden, jordan__pundik_, judi_halo, just_shane, lil_madden_sis, liza_rp, matthewxlovato, moore_, murph_britt, nfg_cyrus, seb, stevexklein, timxarmstrong, t_o_n_y, wanksta_whibley, xclaire_blakex, xjererangel, xxpaulthomas, xy_aquilera, _evan_david, _just_tara_, _timbershake_, ____brody____
Friend of:26: adamxlohrbach, amy_lee, brit__spears__, b_of_gc, chuckxcomeau, gcbilliam, ging_er, halofxnataliex, happynoodlemod, jessiexsimpson, joelmaddensmine, joelxrxmadden, judi_halo, laceyle, liza_rp, mis_lavigne, moore_, nfg_cyrus, seb, stevexklein, wanksta_whibley, xclaire_blakex, xjererangel, xxpaulthomas, _just_tara_, _timbershake_
Member of:1: rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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