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Below is user information for Joel Rueben Madden. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:joel_r_madden (71730)
Name:Joel Rueben Madden
Bio:I am Joel Rueben Madden

(no you may not call me JR)

The following people I love-
My crazy family
My geeky band
And my wonderful ghetto thug dog, Cash

I love music. Music is my life and I love my life. :)

[[Please take into consideration that I am in no means the real Joel Madden. I am a very big fan of Good Charlotte and that is all. To put it simple, I am a roleplayer and this is a fake journal. In other terms this be as fake as fake can get yo!]]
Interests:47: nfg, nine inch nails, outkasts, p diddy, parties, paul thomas, paula abdul, penis piercings, pierre bouvier, punk, puppies, rancid, rap, representin, riots, rock, rock and roll, saves the day, seasons, sex, sex pistols, shun, simple plan, sleep, soda runs, spiritfall, stone sour, sweaters, tattoos, the bible, the clash, the movielife, the promise ring, the smiths, the temptations, the used, thugs and punks, tony lovato, tupac, twins, vans, vodka, waldorf, wife beaters, winterfresh gum, women, young girls
Friends:25: adrienne_bailon, airboyxcarter, ajmilano, alex_band, alex_mclean, benj_l_madden, billy_x_martin, brandon_boyd, britmurphy, carly_pope, c_kirkpatrick, deryck_, jamin_wilcox, jenn__lopez, just_justin, marion__raven, melissa_schuman, mike_k_shinoda, miss_mandy_m, pinkness_numb, rpg_ads, tainted_fame, tf_icons, tf_ooc, t_delonge
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Member of:3: rpg_ads, tf_icons, tf_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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