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Below is user information for JenJen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jlm1779 (88627)
Website:Jennifer's Hide Away
Location:Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
AOL IM:NicAonghais (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 165739397 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:jlm1779 (Add User, Send Message)

I'm a 27 year old single mother to a eleven month old daughter named Camryn. I'm a writer, though still looking to be published, and love movies. I'm honest, trustworthy, loyal, and very open minded. Feel free to chat with me.

Interests:117: adam sandler, al macinnis, amanda marshall, andre agassi, antonio sabato jr, art, baseball, ben affleck, biking, books, boston bruins, brandon lee, brendan shanahan, bruce lee, cam neely, camping, canada, cape breton, carlos delgado, casey affleck, celebrities, celtic, celtic colors, chaney kley, children, chris pronger, colby donaldson, cole hauser, computers, creed, dallas stars, davinci, denis leary, detroit red wings, ed harris, elvis stojko, enya, eric lindros, ethan zohn, figure skating, friends, goldie hawn, guns n roses, halloween, hiking, history, hockey, horror flicks, horror movies, jason guy, jason patric, jay mcgraw, jayson denomee, jennifer capriati, joe mcintyre, john grisham, jose cruz, josh brolin, julia roberts, kate hudson, kevin spacey, kurt browning, kurt russell, lacrosse, law & order, lisa kudrow, martial arts, martin st. louis, matthew perry, men, michael myers, mike modano, mike piazza, monet, motherhood, movies, music, napoleon bonaparte, nickelback, nkotb, nova scotia, pat hentgen, paul kariya, paul simon, pearl harbor, phil mcgraw, picasso, ray liotta, reading, relationships, ricky martin, roberto alomar, russell crowe, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, scripts, sean connery, shae lynn bourne, sheryl crowe, single life, single mothers, soundtracks, st. louis blues, stephen king, survivor, susan sarandon, swimming, tennis, third watch, toronto blue jays, toronto rock, van gogh, victor kraatz, volleyball, world war one, world war two, writing
Friends:45: adorable_angel, aisling, allyex, battah_suicide, cdnhockeyfan, claimaplayer, eviefencer, expose_yourself, firefighter105, fluentgerbil, froggygurli, harleen, horrors, innocentlyme, ioevri1, i_heart_records, jenhope, jo_munch, juggalopimp69, kariya9, kewpie, kinkystar, kyoami, lil_lost_soul, lonelypea, lostinyoureyes, luvin31, madpowerbomber, materialistic, melancholyblues, mercuric, oh_wow_its_amy, shanalee, shannyfan, shirilo, skindeep, slkillllz, smudger59kes, sparklypenguin, styles, sunandmoon_02, sunkistbabie, sweetiepiejess, wastingtime, x_darryn_x
Friend of:35: aisling, asecondchance, br0wneyes, drow, emmaline, eviefencer, firefighter105, fluentgerbil, froggygurli, harleen, ioevri1, i_heart_records, jenhope, jennfromtx, jo_munch, kinkystar, kyoami, lil_lost_soul, lostinyoureyes, madpowerbomber, materialistic, melancholyblues, mercuric, nickname, oh_wow_its_amy, sandblasted, shirilo, slkillllz, sparklypenguin, sunandmoon_02, sunkistbabie, temptedgurl, xzotic_fairy_27, x_darryn_x, _icy_pudding_
Member of:11: award_me, claimaplayer, cultxclassics, expose_yourself, friendz, horrors, movies, parenting, shannyfan, singlemoms, styles
Account type:Early Adopter

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