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User:jkpartington (142269)
Name:Josh K Partington
Website:she sits in silence with reruns on the screen
Location:Dana Point, California, United States
AOL IM:JOSHgoesFITTY (Add Buddy, Send Message)

I'm so sexy....
This is my sexy wish you had this body.

My name is Josh, I play guitar in the band Something Corporate. I also run a record company with my good friend Matt, called Random Play Music. Currently we have only signed one band called The Color Turning. We are always looking for new bands. My band and I are currently touring in the UK.

Something Corporate is:
Andrew McMahon: Lead vocals/piano
Brian Ireland: Drums/backup vocals
Clutch: Bass
Josh Partington [me]: Guitar
Maj: Triangle!
William Tell: other guitar

Pictures With Me And My Friends



Interests:34: andrew mcmahon, big business, brian ireland, california, clutch, dana point, drive-thru records, fiction plane, finch, friends, further seems forever, guitar, home grown, kevin page, matt burnett, new found glory, orange county, playing guitar, random play music, rock music, something corporate, steel train, tad dixon, taking back sunday, the all-american rejects, the color turning, the house of blues, the juliana theory, touring, traveling, vendetta red, warped tour, william tell, writting songs
Friends:71: alexisxbledel, andrewmcmahon, ant_banderas, a_larter, a_silver_stone, bif_naked, big_ian, brianireland, britty_spears, brody_arms, b_margera, cameron_r, charleejohnson, claire_forlani, clutch_, cone__, ctmoffatt, dylandouglas, d_swain, d__desrosiers, ehrinnc, ewan_mcgreg, fpj, great_danes, gwyn_k_paltrow, halonatalie, halo_ginger_r, hit_up_hilary, hudson_, jamie_richter, jamin_av, jessica_a, joel_sickboy, johe, jones_norah, jonnyleemiller, joshh, jovovich_m, justin_beck, just_chelle, just_naomi, katemoss, kiki_dunst, k_vasoli, mandy_l_moore, mathers__, mattpdamon, mayer_, melissa_adm, natalieappleton, nick_wheeler, nicoleappleton, only_joshchasez, rachelappleton, rach_lee, randystrohmeyer, ryanphillippe, sebxlefebvre, seth_the, shannynsossamon, sparkle_reese, stefani__, stinco_, s__west, tbp_scott, tim_arms, tony_mestup_kid, william__tell, xjohnsyx, _elisha, _rosemcgowan_
Friend of:46: ant_banderas, a_silver_stone, behr_, bif_naked, brianireland, caseyaffleck, charleejohnson, christi_milian, clutch_, cone__, d__desrosiers, ehrinnc, emmaaa, ewan_mcgreg, fpj, freaky_fatone, great_danes, halonatalie, hudson_, its_patrick, jamie_richter, jennyjenmac, jimmy_fallon, johe, jordanxpundik, justin_beck, just_chelle, katemoss, kiss_my_bass, mandy_l_moore, mayer_, meghan_, melissa_adm, nick_wheeler, sami_mumba, sebastien_sp, selma, seth_the, stefani__, tdogg, tim_arms, tobey_torres, tony_mestup_kid, xchadx, _elijah, _rosemcgowan_
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Account type:Early Adopter

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