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Below is user information for jim morrison. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jim (8064)
Name:jim morrison
Bio:no really
Interests:74: acid, acid is cool, alabama, being drunk, being rebellious, being stoned on acid, being the lizard king, chicks, cocaine, death, doing acid, dorothy fujikawa manzarek, drinking, drugs, exploitation, film school, getting arrested, giving drugs to people, hard drugs, heroin, indecent exposure, janice joplin, john, john densmore, jumping off buildings, knives, la, leather pants, lewd behaviour, light my fire, living on the edge, lizards, lots of acid, lyrics, mexico, more acid, music, my dick, my mug shot, navaho, new haven, not my dad, not the army, pain, pam, pam morrison, pamela courson, paris, patricia kennedy, poetry, pot, psychadelic bubblegum, ray, ray manzarek, robby, robby kreiger, rock'n'roll, rowdy behavior, sex, shamanism, sleeping under bridges, strange days, sunset strip, the next whiskey bar, threatening to kill myself, threatening to kill pam, threatening to kill you, throwing ray's records around, trips, visions, weird music, weird shit, whiskey a go go, writing
Friends:4: doors, duforte, jim, posterchild
Friend of:31: ablau83, angelfromhell_2, astroline, bamlover666, candycane9456, cockballs, darksk8er, duforte, eagleknight97, fuzzysplinter21, gandy, gilescorey, heartwarmer, hughgaswipe, iamme529, jim, juzsokonfuzed07, laeleewindrider, lilemobaby5o4, loveliv, mansonfreaklose, moss, mrsrobinson, ouchie, posterchild, prettybicky, raiderfan762, rivers, sexy_lil_bitch6, softball_angel, tearshidemypain
Member of:1: doors
Account type:Early Adopter

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