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User:jesusislaudible (156706)
Name:Bonnie Jo
Location:Alabama, United States
AOL IM:jesusislaudible (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Not much to say about me... just a good, Christian girl......
Interests:117: a's, accomplishing something, across five aprils, anah aevia, april8th, barbell balls, beach, being right, beloved, bibbles(aka bible), bible, black tie tragedy, blindside, boys, brightcolors, bubble gum, bubbles, bunkbeds, bunnykisses, candy, capris, cards, cartwheels, center stage, cheap stuff, chicken, chocolate, christian friends, christian hardcore, church, cons, cookiedough, coyote ugly, cuddling, dancing, dead poetic, dressing up, driving, ferris wheels, few left standing, flipflops, flowers, food, freedays, gifts, giggling, girlsnights, god, god's grace, green lights, gummy bears, headlights, homesweethome, jesus, jumping, kisses, kyle, last chance, livng sacrifice, love, lunch, mariah carey, matching, matching makeup, meeting new people, miracles, movies, music with talent, my angel, newfriends, nice people, norma jean, obeisance, old friends, olive garden, other music, pictures, pink accessories, playgrounds, prom, punctuality, puttputt, roller coasters, running in the rain, shopping, showers, sitting, sleep, smiles, spring, stars, strawberry limeades, summer, sunroofs, sunsets, sweethearts, swings, tank tops, tearsofjoy, the cross, the holy spirit, the resurrection, the shma, thrift store, tickling, toe rings, trips, twirling, underbleeding stars, walmart, watching and waiting, waterguns, webcams, weekends, windows, winning, zao
Friends:20: believer4ever89, blind_as_day, bride_christ, catchthefire, darkstarlitmoon, exposedfaith, fiveyearwinter, godrox, godslilgrrl, ivorythighs, iwillrise, jennj, lilmspopularity, passionnjoy, prayer_requests, thedarkauror, thorned, weirdpplrock, wishingwontwork, xtreme4jesus
Friend of:13: angstypenguin, believer4ever89, bride_christ, catchthefire, colour_me, darkstarlitmoon, dream_man, godslilgrrl, iwillrise, lilmspopularity, passionnjoy, thedarkauror, wishingwontwork
Member of:2: exposedfaith, weirdpplrock
Account type:Early Adopter

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