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User:jessleigh (357136)  
Location:Mount Airy, North Carolina, United States
Bio:Too much to write in a tiny box!
Twenty-two years old
Involved in a BEAUTIFUL relationship with my soulmate
i'm completely nuts...i freely admit it :) actually, i kind of like it
really though... it says "mini-biography" but there is no way i could even get started in this small box. soon maybe...soon.
Interests:149: affection, animals, applachian mountains, art, asheville, avalon, baking, baklava, beauty, ben harper, blind melon, blue ridge mountains, blue ridge parkway, blues music, books, bookstores, boone, breathing, calvin and hobbes, camping, cancers, candlelight, castles, cat power, cats, cello, clouds, cooking, creativity, cuddling, cultures, darkness, day trips, desire, ebay, ee cummings, england, eyes, fantasizing, faries, farms, fetishes, film, fishnets, fisting, flowers, food, forests, fruit, gardens, geminis, girls, glass bowls for smoking, good books, grass, green, gregg, guitars, hammocks, hands, hiking, hugs, imagination, insanity, inspiration, intelligence, intimacy, john steinbeck, kinky sex, kissing, knee-highs, knowledge, latex, laughter, learning, lesbians, liberal, libraries, lips, lipstick, listening, literature, love, marijuana, mermaids, mists of avalon, moon, moonbeams, moonstones, mountains, museums, music, nature, nina simone, north carolina, nuggets box sets, nymphs, paintings, pantyhose, passion, photography, piano, pisgah national forest, pornography, portishead, radiohead, rain, record players, religion, rivers, roadtrips, ryan adams, seashells, sex, sighs, sigur r?s, silver, skin, sky, snow, spirituality, stars, steinbeck, storms, succulence, sunbeams, sunrise, sunset, sweet tea, swimming, t.s.eliot, the beatles, the flaming lips, thoughts, thunderstorms, tori amos, trees, understanding, vegetables, vinyls, violins, water, waterfalls, whispering, white stripes, women, woods, writing, zodiac
Friends:10: beyondhorny, cumguzzler, lez_sex_tips, makemescream, notveryfriendiy, obscene_sex_ilj, peppermint_girl, purple_rose, slutxcore, xpinupxgirlx
Friend of:1: notveryfriendiy
Member of:4: advancedsextips, beyondhorny, lez_sex_tips, slutxcore
Account type:Free User

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