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Below is user information for jessica. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jesh (339066)
Location:San jose, California, United States
AOL IM:dorkyxblonde (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:highly nerdy + i find everything hilarious.
Interests:150: a global threat, abrasive wheels, adam pascal, agent orange, agnostic front, alkaline trio, allen ginsberg, angelic upstarts, ann beretta, anthony rapp, anti-flag, atom and his package, audio-visual club, aus rotten, bad brains, billie holiday, black flag, blake schwarzenbach, bookstore hardcore, bouncing souls, brilliant people, broadway, capitalist casualties, carmen mcrae, charlie parker, cheesy 80s movies, citizen fish, cock sparrer, daphne rubin-vega, dave chapelle, david cross, dead kennedys, defiance, dexter danger, dillinger four, discount, dizzy gillepsie, dropkick murphys, ds-13, duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, eloquence, elvis costello, etta james, exclamation points, ferris bueller's day off, fiona apple, gay rude boys, gbh, geek rock, geeking out, good conversation, happiness, hostile takeover, hot water music, idina menzel, jack, jack kerouac, janeane garofalo, jawbreaker, jello biafra, jesse michaels, jets to brazil, jim jones brigade, jimi hendrix, jonathan larson, kevin smith, kris roe, kristin chenoweth, leftover crack, lessthanthree, lisa loeb, literature, louis armstrong, margaret cho, matt groening, miles davis, minor threat, mitch clem, mix tapes, modest mouse, mother jones, moulin rouge, nerdcore, nothing nice to say, oi, oi polloi, operation ivy, photography, pondering ponderously, pretty in pink, propagandhi, rancid, randomness, rent, rex navarette, rubber ducks, salad, sarah vaughn, saturday night live, save ferris, scholastic deth, sham 69, sixteen candles, skanking, slc punk, sleep, social cognitism, solemite, spanglish, subhumans, sublime, sussy, talking, that 70s show, the adicts, the adolescents, the aquabats, the ataris, the breakfast club, the briefs, the business, the casualties, the clash, the descendants, the dwarves, the exploited, the heartaches, the mountain goats, the pixies, the pogues, the ramones, the simpsons, the specials, the unseen, the vandals, the vapids, the virus, the yeah yeah yeahs, thelonious monk, tick tick boom, toxic narcotic, uk subs, unixpunx, velvet underground, victimless crime, view askew, what life makes us, worthless united, x-ray spex
Friends:1: ourcore_noise
Friend of:1: ourcore_noise
Member of:1: rubberduckies
Account type:Free User

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