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Below is user information for »¦Þímþ Jérmz¦«. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jermz_8_it (156069)
Name:»¦Þímþ Jérmz¦«

@! He is

Jeremy Andrew Smith [Nicknames]'. J. Jermz. Germ. Baby. Loser. Dork. Nerd. J-dawg; Hubby. Fucker. J-Bob. AJ. etc. Born in Highland, Indiana. Currently living in: Griffth, Indiana. Born on: March 31st, 1983 :P. 1 sisters. 1 brother. 2 tattoo's. Smart. Bored. funny. cool. dumb. corny. crazy. stupid. horny. smartass. loving. caring. helpful. Fucker. Pimp. Wild. nuts . energetic. nice. kind. intellgent. awsome. Sweet. Outgoing clubber. Partyhog. athletic. Hard Worker. Respectful and so on!

@! He likes/loves

Missy talking/picking to/on my baby Partying'.  Working. Girls. Music. Beach. Cars. Football . Soccer. Baseball. Surfing. Skateboarding. Tattoo's. Clubbing. Sleeping. Eating Snowboarding Movies. Joking. TV.  Racing cars. Racing bikes. Actin stupid. being smartass.  Laziness.  Girls mudd wrestling.  Wrestling.  corniness. craziness.  Wild girls.  horniness.  Paintball.  lil kim.  Trina.  .  Picking on cops in the mall. Pimping.  Working out. . being energic. hard work.  partyhogs. and so on! 

@! He Dislikes/Hates

Players Haters. Cheaters. Fakers. Gainess. Weirdos. backstabbers. Nsynce . BSB. Stealers. Posers. Tennis. SPONGBOB. Boredness. Not sleeping. Sickness Not talking to missy. Gulf. Drama. Liers.  Heartbreakers. Idiots. Jealous people. Lames.  Drinking. Smoking. Slitting wrists.  Boring people. Death.  BURNT TOAST.  Smelly people. Bad breathed people .  Losers.  Physics.  Not eating. Cops. Not eating.  Scoopy doo .  E.T. Wanna bes Fish. Freaks. Dr Pepper. Hospital. Burger king. Doctors. and so on! 
Friends:54: allie_, approval, babypink_xo, bella_italiiana, bitchy_missy, bluexbinky, breathtakinq, clipse, copulation, delixiouz, eyeballz, flirtation, hillarie, in_view, i_go_rawr, jbabie69, jealousy_sucks, joel_gc, k4t, leenieboo, left_to_drown, lovemeallover, ltl_barbie, miss_meghan, mistak, n0t_t0o_y0unq, obvious, pink_tearz, ravenseyecandi, ripple, roxygrlx3, sexii_bee, shower_sex, slappa_ho, spicy_, spikez, strawberrii_, sweetvanilla, t0uchable, taylormarie, temper, there, thonqz_xo, useless, whoregasm, xlil_shortyx, xoalyssaxo, xoangelox, xobabikissezox, _hollister, _jiggawhat, _l0serr, _precious, _shine
Friend of:28: approval, bitchy_missy, copulation, eyeballz, flirtation, in_view, joel_gc, k4t, miss_meghan, mistak, n0t_t0o_y0unq, ox_qlitter, pink_tearz, ripple, sexii_bee, shower_sex, spicy_, spikez, strawberrii_, t0uchable, taylormarie, whoregasm, xbabychrisx, xoangelox, xpureinnocenzx, _adorkable, _l0serr, _notyourstar
Member of:1: ltl_barbie
Account type:Early Adopter

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