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Below is user information for Jennifer DeLonge. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jen_delonge (43860)
Name:Jennifer DeLonge
Website:.:Dick Lips:.
Location:Encinitas, California, United States
AOL IM:Jen IDoTom 182 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Blink 182::
markxhoppus, Bass/Vocals (my husband's husband)
tommy_delonge, Guitar/Vocals (myhusband)
travisbarker182, Drums (my best friend)

Blink 182's Family::
skye_hoppus Wife of Mark Hoppus (*licks lips*)
jen_delonge Wife of Tom DeLonge (ME!)
jack_hoppus Son of Mark Hoppus (my son too!)
ava_delonge Daughter of Tom DeLonge (my daughter)
mama_hoppus Mark Hoppus' mom (my mom-in-law)
mama_delonge Tom DeLonge's mom (my other mom-in-law)
kari_delonge Tom DeLonge's little sister (my little sis)
anne_hoppus Mark Hoppus' little sister (smarty pants!)[[ <-- Up for adoption!]]
shon_delonge Tom DeLonge's older brother (not as funny as Tom!) [[<-- Up for adoption!]]

Blink's Friends::
cheetah_ Blink 182's camera man, the guy that scares Ava (*speechless*)
rick_devoe, Blink 182's Manager (cool guy) [[<-- Up For adoption!]]
chris_georggin, Blink 182's Assistant Mananger (he knows everything about everything!) [[<-- Up For Adoption]]
mel_kennedy, Travis Barker's ex wife (She loved you Travis!) [[<-- Up for adoption!]]
shanna_, Travis Barker's new love and mommy for their new baby (According to Travis, a very good porn star)

[[I'm not really Jen you sillie.. It's just part of RPG. And I'm also the FIRST Jen on blurty. Skye-Shaped and I make all the icons you see in our little Blink family. We capp our own pics. So if some people say we steal their icons, let's just call them... This Chick... then you are clearly mistaken and shouldn't play this as a game where you are the master and we are mindless piles of shit. Anyone can RP whoever they want. Just back off... Have a Fun-Fucking Tastic Day! ]]

[[Also, Skye-Shaped and I try our very best to keep this blink family together. We know all the fellow Blink RPers and We're pretty much up-to-date in each other's lives. If you would like to adopt an account please contact skye is blonde or me, Jen IDoTom 182. The Shon, Melissa, Anne, and Shanna accounts are already made. ((The first three are EA accounts)). We can supply icons/ayouts. Anyone wanna join our Blink Family?]]

Interests:69: action, aliens, all the small things, anne hoppus, atticus, ava delonge, blink, blink 182, box car racer, conceiving, epregnancy, fake, fake journal, famous stars and straps, famoussas, good charlotte, good times, guitar, hugging, hurley, interior decorating, interior designing, jack hoppus, kari delonge, kissing, loving, mark hoppus, me naked, melissa barker, melissa kennedy, mexi food, mtv, my babies, my belly baby, my daughter, my dream wedding, my husband, my husband's husband, my kid, my mommy, naked people, november 18th, old memories, penis-vagina contact, protraying stars, rock star mom, rock star wife, rp, rpg, rping, saturday night, sex, sexual intercourse, sexy skye, shon delonge, simple plan, skye everly, skye hoppus, skye naked, sombrero, sublime, the soma, tom delonge, tom naked, travis barker, uc, uc 2, urethra chronicles, urethra chronicles 2
Friends:139: 50c, ali_g, allman_quinn, ally_donna_r, amanda__moore, american_kelly, anne_hoppus, aslavetocheese, ava_delonge, avylavigne, a_lazzara, a_pinkness, a_shinoda, bangin_jesse, bert_used, blood_clot, branden_, brann_matthew, brittish__murph, britty_j_spears, brodyxarms, caldwell_k, canada_rules, carabba, chadmmurray, chasez_joshua, chazy_b, cheetah_, chelly_branch, chels_croft, christinamilian, cowell_simon, crazii_yulia, dan_miller_o2, david__boreanaz, david__d, digital_dreamr, d_whibley, ejxlovato, ej_lovato, eliza_dsku, emma_bunton, foxxy_bass, freelance, gimlit_666, gwyn_paltrow, haloxnatalie, hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_mods1, hurr_mods2, hurr_ooc, idol_simon, j0el_madden, jacky_hoppus, jack_hoppus, jaded__girl, jakeb_g, jenna123, jenny17, jen_delonge, jeph_is_used, jl_bass, johanna_n, john_f, jonnyleemiller_, ju_timberlake, j_to_the_lo, kaotic_nickolas, kari_delonge, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kiddieness, lari_delonge, leah_drums, lil_sarahmadden, linds_lohan, loserdrummergc, made_x_joel, mama_delonge, mama_hoppus, markxhoppus, mark_hoppus, matty_lovato, matt_x_lovato, maybe_alicia, melissa_kennedy, mel_kennedy, michelle_nolan, monsieurpierre, mrprinzejr, mysockshurt, nickyg, patcunningham, paulthomas_gc, punkin_chick182, rachstevens, rancid_tim, reese____, sarah_m, sarah__martin, sebastien_, shakiraaa, shanewest_, shon_delonge, silverstone_a, skatin_avril, skye_hoppus, slim_shady_, snowbunni6903, static_j, sum_bizzy, sum_stevo, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, travisbarker182, trevor_penick, tyritter, weez, xchelle_branchx, xolarisa, xtina_christina, xx_benji_xx, xzombie_girlx, yousolastsummer, _beloved_, _benj_madden_, _hayhay_, _jere_rangel, _jordanpundik_, _regret_, _reid, _sarah_gellar_, _screamer_joel_, _sebastien_, __amy, __kutcher__
Friend of:100: 50c, acldglitter, ali_g, amanda__moore, anne_hoppus, aslavetocheese, ava_delonge, avylavigne, a_pinkness, bigbubba_jt, blood_clot, brann_matthew, brittanyxm, brittish__murph, britty_j_spears, caldwell_k, carabba, chasez_joshua, cheetah_, chelly_branch, christinamilian, dan_miller_o2, david__boreanaz, digital_dreamr, d_whibley, eliza_dsku, emma_bunton, freelance, gwennistefani, gwyn_paltrow, haloxnatalie, horrorxamor, j0el_madden, jacky_hoppus, jack_hoppus, jaded__girl, jakeb_g, jenny17, jen_delonge, jess_delonge, justin_r_t, j_to_the_lo, kaotic_nickolas, kari_delonge, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kennedy_mason, lari_delonge, lavigne_avi, linds_lohan, lindy_loves_tom, made_x_joel, mama_delonge, mama_hoppus, markxhoppus, mark_hoppus, matty_lovato, matt_x_lovato, maybe_alicia, melissa_kennedy, mel_kennedy, michelle_l, mrprinzejr, mysockshurt, nickyg, patcunningham, paulthomas_gc, pristina_aggy, punkin_chick182, reese____, rick_devoe, riotgurl182, sarah_m, sarah__martin, sebastien_, shanewest_, shanna_moakler, shon_delonge, skatin_avril, slim_shady_, smurf_182, snowbunni6903, soph_182, static_j, sup_melz, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, trevor_penick, truckerbooty, tyritter, xchelle_branchx, xtina_christina, xx_benji_xx, xzombie_girlx, yousolastsummer, _regret_, _reid, _sarah_gellar_, _screamer_joel_, _sebastien_
Member of:5: hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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