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User:jejune_girl (297543)
Website:My livejournal
Location:Niskayuna, United States
AOL IM:emiwow224 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:heyemily224
born. grew up. made friends. fucked up. lost friends.

auburn blond hair. i say it's brown. hazel green eyes. short. i say i'm fat. people say i'm not fat. and that i don't eat enough.

i wish i had gills. so i could live in the water. i wish i could trust people. i wish i could rely on people. i wish i wasn't the way i am.

i loved once. it was a mistake. i used someone. and i am not sorry. i am single. and not looking.

writing is my escape. i do not believe i have talent. argue with me. and i'll bite your head off.

i am sarcastic. i am two people. i am social. fun. crazy. i am socially inept. boring. always insane. bipolar.

i have partied. gotten drunk. passed out. and not remembered anything the morning after. i am stupid. young and stupid.

i'm afraid plane crashes. car accidents. african bees. SARS. biological weapons. nuclear weapons. i am afraid i will never grow out of this. never recover.

i will .never. take things for granted .ever. again. i love you kayleigh.

Interests:76: aim, alcohol, beer, boys, breathing, candy, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, clothes, computer, controversy, cookie dough, cooking, cowboy bebop, crazy people, crew, cutting, depression, doubles, drama, dreaming, drinking, eating, emus, fall crew, flashlight tag, flirting, fours, friends, homestar runner,, icecream, internet, jetskiing, kisses, linkin park, livejournal, llamas, lord of the rings, maine, movies, music, octapulls, orlando bloom, pain, partying, phone, photography, piercings, poetry, quads, radio, rain, regattas, rock, rock music, rollerblading, sculling, shiraz, shopping, singles, sleeping, strong bad, sweeping, swimming, tattoos, tears, teen girl squad, tubing, tv, walking, warm sand, water, waterskiing, wine, writing
Friends:1: sina
Account type:Free User

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