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User:jeffrey (146213)

Jeff Hey everyone.
My name is Jeff.
I'm 15 years old.
I was born in Plano, Texas.
I'm currently living in Pine Moutain Valley, Georgia.
It's a pretty small place. Lame. Very lame.
I'm a shorty, only 5' 8".
I've got hazel eyes & brown hair.

Umm... I like a buncha stuff: basketball, girls, soccer, girls, running (long distance), girls, lifting weights (when I am in the mood), girls, hunting, girls, filming, girls, photography, girls, web design, girls, graphics design, & girls.

Wanna know more? Comment in my journal. We can chat and stuff.

Interests:107: 50 cent, aaliyah, abercrombie, ae, alicia keys, america, american eagle, amerie, aol, architecture, ashanti, b2k, basketball, bet, beyonce, billiards, blinkies, blondes, blurty, brunettes, california, canada, candy, cars, cash, chevelle, chocolate, christina aguilera, coke, comedy, computers, curve, dancing, deadjournal, dollars, dvds, elimidate, eve, filming, food, football, georgia, ginger ale, girls, good charlotte, graphic arts, graphics design, gum, horror, hunting, icons, ja rule, jennifer lopez, journalism, lifting weights, livejournal, ludacris, making the band, mellow yellow, michael jordan, missy elliott, money, monkies, mountain dew, movies, mp3s, msn, mtv, music, nautica, nelly, new found glory, new york, partying, pepsi, photography, pool, pop, psp, rap, road rules, rock, running, shakira, simple plan, snowboarding, soccer, spanish, sports, sprite, structure, sunkist, surfing, texas, the real world, tlc, tommy hilfiger, trucks, trustcompany, ujournal, vh1, water, web design, women, wrestling, writing, yahoo pool
Friends:11: ad0riblel0zer, bj_blinkies, branten, festivals0ng, jeffrey, mizzbabythug03, psychoteer, smiilez, xoshortnsweetox, xxdeliriousxx, ___valerie
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