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Below is user information for JC's Honey. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jcshoney (6763)
Name:JC's Honey
Interests:119: acting twelve, aim, angel, animals in general, art, art deco, babbling, bad memory, barbies, bargin hunt., basez, beaches, beads, big cats, black and white movies, blue glass, brad pitt, caffine, candles, cats, choey, chris kirkpatrick, clocks, coffee, computers, cuddles, dan miller, dan miller., david beckham, david boreanaz, disco music, dr. pepper, dvd's, dvds, e-mails, eyeliner, filling in surveys, flashworks, flea markets, flipflops, free downloads, free postcards, ghosts, glitter, green glass orniments, habitat, hello kitty, ice-cream, ikea, jack daniels, jc chasez, jc-slash, jeff buckley, joec, joey fatone, john taylor, jola, joshtin, juc, judd nelson, justin timberlake, keanu reeves, klimt, lions, lipstick, low self-eestem, macromedia dreamweaver, magazines, martin kemp., mayonaise, mixed tapes, monet, movies, music, nicky wire, nsync, o-town, on-line friends, paintshop pro, panthers, pens, pink glitter, postcards, pretty in pink, procrastinating, purple, pyjamas, rain, ranting, red wine, rugrats, silver jewelry, slash, slash writing, slash xfm, smirnoff, smoking, sparkly!danceboys, flag, superkitten chatone, tattoos, teerlove, the breakfast club, the clash, the internet, the ocean, the simpsons, the sims, thrift stores, thunder, tigger, toe-rings, tony lucca, travelling, turquoise jewellery, van gogh, walking, warhol, writing
Friends:7: justafan19, rpg_ads, rpg_personals, rpg_promote, rpg_whores, weddingbells, zstepherz
Friend of:1: zstepherz
Member of:5: rpg_ads, rpg_personals, rpg_promote, rpg_whores, weddingbells
Account type:Early Adopter

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