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User:jazela (844880)  
Location:Cleveland Heights/ Kent, Ohio, United States
Bio:Hi everyone! Im Jasmine, a fun and exciting city girl from New York. I moved to Cleveland a while ago and went to Cleveland Heigts High School and Now I go to Kent State University. I love all types of music, John Mayer being my favorite and I have recently become obsessed with Sex and the City because of my roomates obsession. (Thanks alot Ashley ) At Kent I am majoring in American Sign Language and desperatly trying to revive my ever failing social life. I love clubs and oarties and hanging out with my friends...who happen to be mostly guys. And I looovvvveeeeee my boyfriend Paul!!
Holla to my buddy Bluespace86 who got me hooked on this crazy thing and Peace & Love.
Interests:42: adidas, alicia keys, and cartoons, basketball, bunk beds, cameras, capture the flag, computers, curb-ball, destiny's child, dvds, elton john, er, football, freeze tag, fun socks, hacky sack, home cookiing, hotels, john mayer, long car rides, maron 5, monkey stuffed animals, my guitar, my keyboard, my roomate, new york city, parties, paul :)cinema movies, pictures, posters, sex in the city, shootout, sidewalk tennis, snowboarding, solitude, squierrels, tonedeff, tv tag, vacations, writing, zippos
Friends:1: bluespace86
Account type:Free User

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