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Below is user information for Binni Joy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:jasonssister (78017)
Name:Binni Joy
Memories:3 entries
Interests:125: 80s music, aa, abba, aboriginals, addictions, amish, angling, aussie, australia, avocado, babysitters club, banana man, beatles, bible, bic runga, big tent revival, boomerangs, brady bunch, brass bands, brave saint saturn, bubble wrap, cars, cheese sandwiches, christian, christianity, cinderella, clouds, cornet, crowded house, dc talk, delta, deltra, didgeridoo, disco stu, elvis, fellahs, fishing, fresh prince, g-tar, germany, giraffes, god, guitar, guitar chords, gumby, hanson, harmonica, harry connick jr, holden, ice cream, jersey caramels, jesus, jesus christ, kangaroos, kareoke, lads, light houses, live, lollipops, maroon 5, mcgee and me, mickey, mmmbop, monkeys, mr sparkle, muppet babies, music, newsboys, nimbus, old music, old people, oldies, oreos, oz, patch adams, paul colman trio, petticoat junction, photography, pianola, rehab guys, rehabilitation, rem, roger ramjet, rugby world cup, rumspringa, salvador, salvation army, saved by the bell, scooby doo, silkworms, simpsons, singing, smurfs, snickers, songe bob, spice girls, spinach, sponge bob square pants, st george, stevie wonder, strawberries, sunshine, sunshine lollipops and rainbows, super nintendo, super ted, supertones, sydney, taxiride, teaspoons, the lads, the little mermaid, the message, the shire, the w's, toploader, toyota, train, trumpet, tshirts, van morrison, vegemite, veggie tales, wallabies, watermelon, yellow
Friends:15: childofpassion, girl_like_that, just_searching, leashavril, lonelyx, mistyhayes, newhampshire, nireh, pristinebiscuit, seehere, socofanca, stefania, warriormaid, zeus820, _shortone
Friend of:14: childofpassion, girl_like_that, just_searching, leashavril, lonelyx, mistyhayes, nireh, pristinebiscuit, seehere, socofanca, stefania, warriormaid, zeus820, _shortone
Member of:5: 90sxcore, biblestudy, ephesians616, hanson, rugby_fans
Account type:Early Adopter

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