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Below is user information for JapAttack!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:japattack (765018)  
Location:Arizona, United States
AOL IM:UniformBeauti (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Gabriel's take on Miko. This woman is the most Gorgeous, caring, giving, loving person in the world. She is my BEST friend and I am so In-Love with her its ridiculous. She is spontaneous yet has a balanced way of thinking. Although we get pissed at each other, its good because I find more about her and it makes us closer when we make up (make up sex is GREAT). She dosen't take any shit so she keep me in line and she takes care of me all the time. I just realized this is really corney but I don't care. I want people to know that I LOVE MIKO MARIE BOOTH TO NO END! She is the reason I'm on this Earth. I cant even explain in words how perfect she is for me and how much I am in-love with her. Did I mention shes gorgeous and great in bed? Well she is. Shes my little Japanese girl that I can't waitto spend my life with. We're growing old together.
Interests:41: air national guard, arizona, atlanta, belly dancing, braves, butner, dance, diamonds, friends, gabe, gushikawa, hitchcock, hooters, hula dancing, incubus, kayne west, marines, matthew good band, me, mgbs, naha, new york, north carolina, okinawa, polar bears, senses fail, sex and the city, skittles, something corporate, sunflowers, tahitian dancing, tipsy, tom cruise, tulips, university of arizona, usmc, virginia, white gold, writing, yellowcard, yuma
Friends:2: phantomruby, xprincessbeccax
Account type:Free User

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