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Below is information about the "A little taste of Japanese Art" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:japanese_cg (79120)  
Name:A little taste of Japanese Art
About:This community is maintained by bondageseraph

This is a community for all who enjoy the art of Japanese CG, be it original or fanart. Really anime pictures of any kind are postable in this community, just be sure that it has something to do with japanese anime and/or manga. Yes, erotic japanese cg is also postable. (Though please if you post anything suggestive, make sure that it doesn't involve -real- -live- people)

~Some CG links of Note~

I don't think I will have to worry about flaming however I will not countenance flaming, this is art, people.. not WWIII.
Interests:23: androgyny, anime, art, bishoujo, bishounen, blood, cg, clamp, darkness, drawing, dreams, fanart, fantasy, final fantasy, hentai, imagination, japan, lord of the rings, manga, mermaids, video games, yaoi, yuri
Members:51: abstract__, adeline, antipeople, ariake, beata, bondageseraph, chibikawaiineko, darkoracle, delcj, dracanta, drow, drugsmakemecool, empressleona, fin_katt, greenangel, hanyou, iliedmyfaceoff, kakatuwa, kimono, kouichi, krisgoat, livinginadream, lysha, madoushi, mistychan, mokona_onna, momo, neekoh, nekomimiko, ness, nothingspecific, nouchi, nyaliss, omgwtf, punyinyunying, purin_san, reina_chan, rosiel, serax, smmiley, starrfire, sugata, takuya_kimura, taliszanna, teenagefaerie, tessaiga, tezuka_shinobu, virany, whitedeath, wistfulone, _gesteort
Watched by:27: antipeople, ariake, beata, bluedevil, delcj, digitalinnocens, drow, drugsmakemecool, empressleona, greenangel, hanyou, jenisnape, krisgoat, madoushi, mokona_onna, momo, nekomimiko, nouchi, nyaliss, omgwtf, quiescent, rabid_mongrel, smmiley, takuya_kimura, tessaiga, tezuka_shinobu, virany
Account type:Early Adopter

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