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User:jamieknoble (250881)
Name:Jamie Noble
Website:The Fake It
Location:Hanover, West Virginia, United States
Bio:Jamie Noble worked his whole life to become a WWE Superstar. He moved eight different times to five different cities to pursue his dream. He toiled in independent promotions for years, earning just a few dollars to wrestle each night.

Now that the high-flying Superstar finally accomplished his goal and made it to WWE, he's absolutely obsessed with sticking around, and not letting anyone get in his way. Noble became a first-time WWE-Cruiserweight Champion after defeating The Hurricane at King of the Ring 2002, thanks to help from his girlfriend, Nidia.

One Noble tasted a little bit of success, he had more trouble than ever dealing with failure. When Noble found himself in a losing streak -- which included the loss of the Cruiserweight Championship -- he was constantly in a bad mood. He got so desperate that he had brought in his cousin Nunzio, to help turn the tide -- even though Nidia doesn't seem to care for Nunzio all that much.

(Nope, i'm not the real Jamie Noble, i'm just ROLEPLAYING as him, i'm just a fan)
Interests:6: cruiserweight championship, hardcore holly, nidia, nunzio, ovw, wwe
Friends:2: kurtangle, therock
Account type:Free User

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