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User:james_m (176291)
Name:James Marsters
Website:Spear me
Location:United States
AOL IM:JamesXMarsters (Add Buddy, Send Message)

My name is James Wesley Marsters. I was born in Greenville, California, but grew up in Modesto. My father used to be a minister, and my mother -- a social worker -- almost became a nun. I have one brother and one sister, and I graduated from Davis High School in Modesto. I studied at Juilliard, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and the American Conservatory Theatre. I co-founded the New Mercury Theatre company (named after Orson Welles' "Mercury Theatre"). In 1990, the founders and I packed the operation up and relocated to Seattle in the hopes of finding more opportunity. We played there for a number of years, using any available space, including the basements of restaurants and churches, but eventually found ourselves a more permanent space near Pioneer Square. Acting on advice from fellow actors and seeing only meager future earnings on the stage, I eventually departed to seek a more solid salary in Hollywood.

My hair is actually brown but I have to bleach it for my part on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. If anyone else ever has to bleach their hair as much as I do, I recommend adding four to seven packets of Sweet 'n' Low to the bleaching solution, to take the sting out.

I play the guitar and my band is called Ghost of the Robot.

In my spare time, I work on my car, paint, write, and just drive around a lot.

And I do not have a British accent in real life.

And I really am best friends with Sarah and everyone on the show.
Interests:11: acting, buffy, cars, friends, ghost of the robot, guitar, music, painting, singing, women, writing
Friends:215: aaron_b, ac_sugar, adz_lamberg, affleckish, alicia_s_rp, alisonlarter, alittle_faith, alli_mack, alyssa__milano, aly_l_hannigan, amazinggracie, amit_paul, anson_mount, anthony_thebull, ashlee_s, ashleyboyangel, ashley_olsen, augustus_prew, a_brilliaut, b2k_jboog, ballz_kid, barry_mark, bbmak_christian, bbmak_mcnally, bertlurvesernie, bigred_m, bob_mft, boyd__billy, brandon_h, brittany_mrphy, brokster_bri, caitlin_wachs, carly_l, channingtatum, chels_brummet, chesney, christensen_, chris_carrabba, chris_kirky, chuck__, corey_clark, craig__nicholls, damagedx, danny_rad, dark_rose, dave_mft, dirty_robson, donna_drummer, dubya_bush, edyta, eme_nyfinest, emily_chick, emily__vancamp, erin_tanner_ns, ernielurvesbert, eternal_eliza, evvann, ewan, felton_t, fetta, foolishjustin_g, foxyford, frank_alank, galenharold, gcxbilly, gc_benji, gc_joel, gc_pault, ginger_smithson, g_ofarim, hani, hanson_z, hillyduff, hottiedan69, h__valance, ikehanson, jacobyoung, jake_epstein, james_m, jared_, jennifer_garner, jennlovehewitt, jhenexo, johnny_noname, jordana_brewstr, joshuascott, joyfuljenna, julian_mcmahon, jump5_lesley, justin_jeffre, justin_tosco_, justjanie, just_britney, j_fried, j_lance_bass, j_rangel, kaiz_amariah, katona, katyxheigl, kell_bell, kendalxsheppard, kentuckyxtrain, kiki_storms, knoxville, laceylee, laetitia, latinlover, lauren_frost, leigh_wallace, libby_h0dges, lilbowwow, lil_reese, littlehowie, little_lachey, liz_mcclarnon, louiseburns, mandybynes, mariexserneholt, marionn, martina_mcbride, marty_west, mattdamon, matt_from_mest, melissa_, michealseater, michelle_t, mikababii, missrussell, miss_branch, miss_mariah, miss_shania, mostlymarit, msdarlin, mtv_gideon, nadroj, natalie_bryant, natashahamilton, natattack, nate_finch, natnat, nfg_chad, notreallyjoey, o_bloom_, paris___hilton, pierre_bouv, play_anna, pop_life_ooc, quinnxxxallman, rach_l_cook, randyharrison, ravishingriley, rob_thomas, rosiemunter_, ryan_is_a_starr, ryusaki, samaire, sarahmgellar, sara_lumholdt, scottmft, scottxxfoley, sexy_biel, sexy_cher, shawn_ashmore, shinoda_mike, simply_simpson, stacey_x_farber, steve_looker, sugar_timmons, s_evans, tiffy_thiessen, tim_mcgraw, trace_ayala__, trenyce_c, tterb, underwood, urhahn, vkartheiser, weinstock, will_estes, wl_bryan, wl_kian_, wl_nicky, wl_shane, wood_elijah, x0x_angel_faith, xgrint, xjuliastiles, xlaurenb, xlindsaypaganox, xmilakunis, xmischax, xscottx, x_angel_c_x, zdenka_pet, zoe_saldana, _aj_trauth, _anais_, _beverly_m, _carmel, _chris_, _desrosiers, _greg_raposo_, _jessalba, _jessemccartney, _katieholmes_, _klkreuk_, _lesliexxx, _mandymoore_, _marykate_, _nate_, _nickcarter_, _sexay__tay_, _simon, _t_lucca, __lauren_c__
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