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Below is user information for Lance Bass. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:james_lancebass (75833)
Name:Lance Bass
Website:Yeah, go ahead...stare..I'm used to it...
Location:Mississippi, United States
AOL IM:livin like Lance (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm Lance. Also known as PIC, Lanth, Ghetto Twin, LancePants, Fro Throw Buddy, Lansten, Brain Twin, Springbreak, and a few others. If you want to know something about me...pick up an issue of J-14 or Tiger Beat...I'm sure you'll find something! *smirks*

[[Listen up. I'm only gonna tell you this once so you better get it right off the bat. I'm not Lance, and I never will be unless I get some major plastic surgery and a sex change. I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon. So don't IM me asking me if I'm him or acting like a teenie and asking if I'll marry you 'cause I will tell you to fuck off. This is fake and for roleplay purposes only so...yeah. Fuck off. Love goes icon from here ]]
Interests:8: acting, chris kirkpatrick, freelance, jc chasez, joey fatone, justin timberlake, nsync, singing
Friends:113: 50xcent, aijusting_unit, ai_kimberly, alexisxbledelx, allisonxmack, american_clay, angel_ashley, avrilxlavignex, a__hannigan, benji__gc, bianca_baby, billy___martin, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, caitlyngranger, cameraguysteve, car_rasmusen, chadgilbert, chanxrobson, christina_idol, colin_, comeau_, dancerboywade, david_b, derek_zoolander, dontcallmeviggy, emerbearz, e_p_dushku, faked_icons, fake_it, fake_itpolice, fake_it_admin, fake_it_priest, fake_it_random, gates, hawaiian_angel, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jeffxstinco, jen_morris, jeremiah__, joel_, josh_hart, judita_rock, j_mraz, j___alba, kel___clarkson, kissyfur, kramer_clare, kristina_hawaii, krisxkreuk, kutcher_, lan_news, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, longin, l_prepon_, marsters__, matt_lovato__, mest_tonylavato, michellebranch_, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, nickcarter_, nickwheeler, nik_mckibbin, ooc_as_nsync, pat_, phillipe_, pierre_is_pimp, rachelstevens_, rachelxaguilera, ricci_christina, richard_helton, ruben_studdard, ryan_starr_, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, simple_daveed, smith_kim_smith, stevexnfg, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, thefatone, timbatimbalake, tonya_mitch3ll, tyritter_, t_wilson_, victoria, walker_paul, xkate_hudsonx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, _gere, _jesse_bradford, _johnmayer, _josh_g, _kh_, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _samara, _shakirrra_, _taryn_manning, __diaz, ___freddie___
Friend of:68: 50xcent, ai_kimberly, amanda__m, angel_ashley, avril_zilla, benji__gc, boombastic_brit, brianlittrell, caitlyngranger, car_rasmusen, dancerboywade, david_b, em_mathers111, e_p_dushku, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jc_chasez101, joel_, jordana_, josh_hart, j___alba, karliems, kel___clarkson, kissyfur, kramer_clare, krisxkreuk, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, lovedonna, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, my_oh_mya, m_lillard, nickcarter_, penick_, rachelstevens_, rach_leigh, richard_helton, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, susan_ward_, taraxoxoreid, thefatone, timbatimbalake, tonya_mitch3ll, t_wilson_, victoria, walker_paul, x0keys0x, xkate_hudsonx, xmenax, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, _johnmayer, _kh_, _lachey_, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _stacykeibler_
Member of:8: fake_it, fake_it_random, lan_icons, life_as_nsync, ooc_as_nsync, rpg_ads, rpg_central, tenn_thugs
Account type:Early Adopter

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