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Below is information about the "Jaded Lifestyle rpg" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:jaded_lifestyle (315941)  
Name:Jaded Lifestyle rpg
Website:jaded_lifestyle Disclaimer
1. Keep all OOC fights OOC
2. No killing your character
3. Respect the other roleplayers
4. You need AIM
5. There is to be no double of celebrities here.
6. If your character is taken then you need to pick another one.
7. Last but not least we can hold celebrities until you can make a journal for them.
8. You must add the disclaimer before you join.
WE ARE NOT THE REAL CELEBS THIS IS JUST AN RPG. Thank you. Also in the order to join this community you have to be a real celeb. You can't be your regular self. Thank you again.

Aim: HeavenSentBev

If you have any questions then just contact the mods.


AIM:Golden xx Gellar

jadedlife_ooc Out Of Character community

( Click here to see our website featuring: Featured Member, Taken/Wanted List and much much more!)

Characters on hold:
Interests:9: britney spears, celebs, christina aguilera, fun, justin timberlake, nsync, otown, rpg, rpging
Members:57: amylee_xxx, bass_player_man, bev_mitch, bigmamma4u, chasmin, chris_wilson_gc, deadly_dj, distillers_ba, durst_bag, e_cuthbert_, gc_billyness, goldiesgrl_kate, incubusxboyd, i_am_mila, jake_tothe_g, jayl_h0ttie, jloveh, jl_scoopbass, joshuaxjackson, justbloom, justifiedtms, kiley__dean, kk_timberlake, leather_lacey, lefebvre_seb_, lill_kim_ix, lp_bourdon, mackenzie_r, maddenjoelr, mest_lovato, m_carey, nicky_chas, nicole_unglued, patxcunningham, pete_loeffler, pierrexbouvier_, punkguy4u_ak, rawk_star_meech, ryanphillippe88, samxxb, simplexdave, skater_lavigne, sweet_skyez, theslayer321, xannaxpaquinx, xchesterx, xkikixdunstx, xxamy_studtxx, xxbrittxmxx, xxkeiraxx, xxxjuliaxxx, x_jud_x, x_kristin_x, _hillyduff_, _kid_vicious_9, _tara_reid, _xtina_aguilera
Watched by:93: amylee_xxx, ashleyolsen_, bass_player_man, bigmamma4u, britgrl_spears, britney_, chasmin, chelliexbranch, chelseaxcroft, chris_wilson_gc, chuck_c, dangerous_mt, demi_moore1, durst_bag, eminem, emmy_vancamp, evantauben_, e_cuthbert_, fro_man_guarini, gcsickgrlmel, gc_billyness, goldiesgrl_kate, granola_bran, gwenstefani, incubusxboyd, itskelly_ubitch, i_am_mila, jake_tothe_g, jayl_h0ttie, jeffys, jenny_t_, jloveh, jl_scoopbass, joe_loeffler, juditawignall, justbloom, justifiedtms, kaci__lynn, kiley__dean, kimber_caldwell, kk_timberlake, lars_f, leather_lacey, lefebvre_seb_, lexi_b_, lill_kim_ix, louise_b_, lovely_aniston, mackenzie_r, marykateolsen_, mathewlovato, mest_lovato, m_carey, nessa_yt, nicky_chas, nicole_unglued, noelle_one, patxcunningham, pete_loeffler, punkguy4u_ak, rawk_star_meech, ryanphillippe88, samxxb, sanejim, simplexdave, skater_lavigne, sweet_skyez, tash_ray, theslayer321, tim__pagnotta, tsl_kennyvasoli, vampire_moreau, whoa_itsbillym, xannaxpaquinx, xchesterx, xkirstenstormsx, xlonleygirlx, xox_hilduff_xox, xo_britney_ox, xxamy_studtxx, xxbrittxmxx, xxkeiraxx, xxxjuliaxxx, x_jud_x, x_kristin_x, _danmiller_, _hillyduff_, _josie_maran, _kid_vicious_9, _lacey_lee_, _tara_reid, _tight_rimes_, _willaford
Account type:Free User

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