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Below is user information for ixzotique. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ixzotique (582960)
Location:United States
Bio:×.°*·.¸.·´¯`·» .e v e r y t h i n g.

so i was reading my userinfo the other day because what can i say, i find myself really fucking interesting, and i happened to notice that it was somewhat outdated. meh. i don't live alone. i have a roomate. she's hot too. maybe if you want, i'll let you touch her tits. but only if you wanna touch mine too. because you see... i'm free. free as a flying fucking bird to do whoever and whatever i want because my boyfriend is out of state at the moment. so i wanted to announce that to the world. are you interested in becoming a senior partner in the high sierra sex phoneline? apply within! i'm kidding. i dont have a business and if i did i certainly wouldn't let you in on it. sorry. i hate people on the internet. maybe it's because you're so fucking stupid. stalkerish, obsessed, annoying, always have some sort of abnormal drama happening in your life, cut yourself, are a heroine addict, talk about how bad you want to kill yourself ect. also, if you really do want to die, do us all a favor and hang yourself by a ceiling fan, or slice open your wrists with a razorblade. just don't talk about it, ok? whatever. i don't embrace people of your style. (online people.) embrace it. i do. thats because i'm smart. i'm also way better than you. just look:

my internet fame level has boosted dramatically, while the epopulations stats have all rapidly decreased into a flat line. however, that pretty little pink part on the chart that just happens to represent me, doesn't JUST mean my popularity and sucess on the interweb nor JUST my popularity and sucess in real life, it's a mixture of the beauty, fame, fortune, wit, creativity, and splendor, and IRL and E fame that is in fact me. just as your chart, efolk, is represented by your overall stupidity irl, and lamivity on the internet. i just made that word up. lamivity. it means lame. it took a geneous to figure that out [me.] i like it. please, please, stay with me here. i beg of you.

anyways my point is not only that i'm better than you, but that i'm too good for you. i really like talking about myself, so let me continue. i like alcohol. i like anything sweet. but now and then i'll just take shots of hard liqour. thats only if i'm depressed and want to get drunk though, no lie. i'm addicted to xanax, paxil, and adderall. but its okay. don't tell anyone though. i refuse to eat packaged meat. theres just something fishy about it. it weirds me out. i like fresh stuff from the deli. thats because im rich and can afford it, unlike the rest of you who have to live off jimmy dean sammiches. not my problem really.

i like orange juice. only fresh squeezed though. it makes me hot. i also love coffee. carmel frappichinos? yes please. but you know what else i love? i know you wanna know. you stalk me like no other, so this way you can be more like me; here: jamba juice: razmatazz, orange appeal, and pina colada w/ strawberries added. and at juice it up: passion punch & pina colada w/ added strawberries. i'm complex. i know. i'm a puzzle, a riddle. no one can ever solve me because my riddles are constantly changing. i act like i care about things but i really don't.

i like getting drunk. i liked getting high until i did laced weed one time. now i cant touch it again. thats the only "drugs." i've ever done. thats because i'm a rebel and i refuse to do "hardcore" drugs because they're too mainstream. you know, i admire, more than anything, no wait, i dont admire anyone or anything but myself. so lets move on. i like tv. i like sex in the city, smallville, buffy, boiling points, and well, idk thats about it for now. i like movies too but i can't list them. whenever i do it becomes everyone elses favorites list. so just go to hell and dont come back.

i love music. cuz its hot. i like to sing but dont tell anyone ok? i like writing music but i never share my songs with anyone because they're too worthless to be able to listen. i like rock, pop, a little of this, a little of that, salt, pepper, understood? k me too. lets go. if there was one thing i'd like to do before i die, it would be take a shit off the empire state building as i fall down and land onto a police car killing a cop and crippling his partner. thank you very much, goodnight.
Interests:42: athletic guys, backrubs & massages, beauty, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, carmel frappichinos, champagne, computers, denzel washington, escada essence, evening, feminine, final fantasy, funny, good dressers, good listeners, good personality, halloween, kisses, layed back, lenny kravitz, lips, louisiana, love, makeup, mardi gras, matt damon, new orleans, nice abs and back, nice smiles, restless, romance, shows his feelings, smart, southern, the vampire lestat, tounge rings, vampires, victora's secret, white tigers, zebras, ~*
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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