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Below is user information for Evil donna angelicata. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ixchel (372447)
Name:Evil donna angelicata
Location:My head, Chile
De mi piel brotan palabras
inventadas en el seno de un amor confuso
La patología de evocarte
en el falso porvenir deseado
de frutas y cacao,
placeres de la tierra
como el encanto de pensarte
entre risas ajenas y tabaco.


Interests:143: 1984, 31 minutos, absent minded, abstraction, absurd, academic freedom, accesories, agnosticism, animals, arguing, art, autocrítica, autopoiesis, biking, bisexual, björk, black coffee, books, bossa nova, brazil, capoeira, cats, chance, chaos, collages, colours, conclusions, contradictions, cordillera de los andes, dadaism, dancing, darren aronofsky, depression, dictionaries, dreams, ecology, eduardo galeano, el interruptor, encyclopedia, enumerate, existentialism, flying, freedom, friends, fruits & vegetables, gael garcía bernal, george orwell, hermann hesse, hiking, human behavior, humberto maturana, illegal, intelligence, intelligent mentally disturbed guys, interesting conversations, isabelle huppert, jacques lacan, jorge amado, julio cortazar, karl jung, knowledge, kung-fu, latinoamerica, laughing, learning, logic, long hair, lounge, love, man ray, manu chao, marcel duchamp/rrose sélavy, marihuana, max cohen, mc escher, melancholy, mental masochism, moods, mornings, mountains, my cats, myths, nature, nihilism, niklas luhmann, nonsense, obsessive compulsive, old objects, opposites, oscar wilde, pachamama, paradoxes, perfection, photography, pleasure, poetry, protest, psychology, pueblos precolombinos, questions and answers, radiohead, randomness, rapa nui, reading, red wine, rights, salsa, salvador dali, samba, sarcasm, self-contradictoriness, senses, sex, simone de beauvoir, simón bolívar, sistema jurídico, social problems, social studies, staring, streching, structuralism, structures, studing, suicide, sun rise, surrealism, sushi, symbolism, talking, talking to myself, tarot, the sea, traveling, uncertainty, universe, vintage, walking, wassily kandinsky, why?, words, writing, yoga, zhang ziyi
Friends:9: alicen1derland, caritaempapada, dragonfly1517, feminism, krysia, ladyfinger, organicspirals, seasphinx, shespecies
Friend of:6: dragonfly1517, gothicdodo, krysia, organicspirals, sad_sativa, shespecies
Member of:2: catpeople, feminism
Account type:Free User

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