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Below is user information for Jesus Christ- Vampire Hunter. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ixarexjesus (764755)
Name:Jesus Christ- Vampire Hunter
Location:DeadBary, Florida, United States
AOL IM:IxarexJesus (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Interests:149: 1337 h4x0r, 20 watt lightbulbs, 25 cent machines, 25 cent rings, 80's, 80's movies, adios, alice cooper, allie sheedy, allison, andrew, angry amputees, anti-avril, anti-flag, anti-rancid, audrey hepburn, baker, bam margera, bc rich, bender, bettie page, big fish, billie joe, billy idol, blondie, blood brothers, blue nails, brian, brody dalle, cats, cheap toys, children of bodom, choking victim, cky, claire, coal chamber, conflict, converge, crass, cupcakes, d.i., da cheat, danny devito, dave grohl, daykare, dead kennedys, demented are go, depeche mode, eating babies, edward scissorhands, element, fender, fhwgwaghads, finch, fire, freddy kreuger, germs, gg allin, glen humplik, green eyes, groovy ghoulies, guitars, guys kissing, halloween, harvey danger, him, homogays, horror, horror movies, horrorpops, ibanez, jack skellington, jen, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, johnny rotten, judd nelson, julio, kittens, kittie, kurt cobain, leftover crack, lighters, marilyn monroe, matchbook romance, misfits, mohawks, money, moo moos, mountain dew, munchies, music, my ruin, negros, nekromantix, new york dolls, newspaper bins, nightmare before christmas, orgy, photo booths, pictures, piercings, pin ups, propaghandi, return to oz, rodney mullen, rufio, sally stitch, scary movies, serial killers, shanking, sid vicious, skateboarding videos, slasher movies, sleep, sodomy south park, sparkles, steeve-o, strawberry shortcake, streetlight manifesto, sublime, tattoos, the addams family, the bangles, the breakfast club, the church, the clash, the darkness, the mars volta, the originals, the proclaimers, the sex pistols, the strokes, the time warp, the used, the young ones, thrasher movies, thrice, tim burton, tim curry, tom delonge, tom green, tony danza, transvestites, troma, urban legends, volcom, wizard of oz, your mom
Friends:9: boysntightpants, chaplin, claimage, iaregod, jonathan_is_gay, novembers_fall, onedeadcop, spookysteve, suckmyleftone4
Friend of:6: chaplin, iaregod, novembers_fall, swaggersong, toohxcforlife, xfatalkissx14
Member of:2: boysntightpants, claimage
Account type:Free User

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