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User:ivigilance (231104)  
Location:Port Townsend, Washington, United States
Bio:Independent Press of the North Olympic Peninsula.

We started the paper to fill a vacuum left by other publications. We try to bring the reader depth, honesty and quality with a sense of art and, whenever possible, humor.

This is the best of home cooking with local writers, artists, businesses and volunteers coming together to enrich and invigorate thought, art and life on the Olympic Peninsula. The people responsible for putting Vigilance together are local construction workers, social workers, waitresses, mechanics, grocery clerks, fishermen, musicians, bartenders, craft people, actors, scientists, writers, astrologers and educators. We don’t do this for a living, we do this because we think the peninsula will be a better place for it. We cover the printing costs and rent with local business advertisements but we need to pay the writers more and improve our coverage of local politics, art and culture.

Vigilance is available to pick up at nearly ninety locations on the peninsula for free because we want people of all incomes to read it. If you can afford it, we would appreciate your support. Vigilance will be a better paper with your support and we think that will make the peninsula a better place to live.

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Interests:14: art, artists, culture, honesty, humor, independent press, life, newspaper, olympic peninsula, paper, politics, port townsend, reporters, volunteers
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