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Below is user information for I have a bad feeling bout this. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:itinkurbfiscute (886803)
Name:I have a bad feeling bout this
Location:Crestview, Florida, United States
AOL IM:emochick1234567 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I like to go on dirt bike and 4 wheelers. and i like to drive the truck even though i have no licenes im a bad gurl!!! but anyways i like to sk8 and i like talkin to my friends and hangin out with them. i just moved in to my first house ever. its my first time in the states. its pretty cool here but i like to live over in a different country. it seems like there is more to do in different countrys. yeah and i love to SK8 BORAD that is so mch fun u can get all ur anger out and the board cant hit u bak. yeah i just got growned for doin pot when i didnt even do it..wink, man but i got more pills o yeah lol...but now that my best friend lost her x-bf she wants me to stop popin so i am to make her happy and to she doesnt loss another friend i dont think she could live the rest of her life if i died!!! so i made a promise and im keepin it!!!!
Interests:86: and these bands, cars (nice ones), clothes, friends, guys, leeveing school, meeting people, movies, moving, music, partys, skate boarding, valentines day, ♥acceptance, ♥adema, ♥afi, ♥alien ant farm, ♥anti-flag, ♥as i lay dying, ♥ataris, ♥avril lavigne, ♥blink 182, ♥bowling for soup, ♥brand new, ♥breaking benjamin, ♥children of bodom, ♥cky, ♥count the stars, ♥death cab for cutie, ♥disturbed, ♥everytime i die, ♥fairweather, ♥fall out boy, ♥feat factory, ♥finch, ♥funeral for a friend, ♥gob, ♥godsmack, ♥good charlotte, ♥green day, ♥hatebreed, ♥hawthorne heights, ♥him, ♥hoobastank, ♥hopesfall, ♥jimmy eats world, ♥killswitch engage, ♥korn, ♥less than jake, ♥limp bizkit, ♥linkin park, ♥lustra, ♥marilyn manson, ♥mest, ♥metallica, ♥my chemical romance, ♥new found glory, ♥nofx, ♥poison the well, ♥powerman 5000, ♥rammstein, ♥ramones, ♥rancid, ♥senses fail, ♥shadows fail, ♥shindown, ♥simple plan, ♥slayer, ♥slipknot, ♥staind, ♥static x, ♥stone sour, ♥story of the year, ♥sublime, ♥sugarcult, ♥sum 41, ♥taking back sunday, ♥the all-american rejects, ♥the cure, ♥the distillers, ♥the early november, ♥the shins, ♥the used, ♥three days grace, ♥tool, ♥trapt
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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