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User:itgurl04 (701014)
Name:It Girl
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:Name: Lynsey.
Nicknames: Lynz.Girlracer.It Girl [ i do nothing, j/k :] ]
D.O.B: 4.1.84.
Age: 20.
Status: single.
Piercings: ears,top ear, belly.
Tattoos: one, chinese on my shoulder.
Occupation: Beauty student.

I'm a Yorkshire lassie:]and i'm 20 years old all though i still only feel about 15. I'm a beauty student working part time in a residential home and one day would like to be a makeup artist or a model. Hopefully this time next year i would like to be working on a makup counter like somewhere such as Harvey Nicholls:] I play bass guitar, i live with my parents and my brother Mark who is 18. I enjoy the usual, going out, getting drunk, staggering home :]i have a huge crush on Simon Cowell, Lord Brocket and James Hewitt... i can't help
Interests:28: blink 182, boys, candles, chatting, clubbing, coldplay, dancing, driving, getting drunk, greenday, incubus, james hewitt, justin timberlake, kissing, lord brocket, love, meeting new people, men, modelling, romance, rover mg, sex, simon cowell, sugar ray, texting, usher, vodka, wine
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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