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Below is user information for Taramarie, Baby T, T-Marie, T-$, Just T. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:italiantmarie (76259)  
Name:Taramarie, Baby T, T-Marie, T-$, Just T
Location:Unknown, United States
Bio:I'm 19, I go to college, I have long brown hair, green eyes, I'm Italian!!! Riding around in my girl Krhissy's car, Chillen, Going to the mall, "YAK TOWN" Going Shoppin Wit Faudie Outtie in the Caviler!
Interests:139: abercrombie & fitch, adidas, albanians, american eagle, babies, baby phat, bars, bcbg, beauty, bebe, bentleys, big pun, biggie, birthdays, black, bloomingdales, blurty, boston terriers, boyfriends, bubble baths, bubble gum, burberry, cancun, candles, candy, cars, cartier, cds, cedar point, celebrities, cell phones, chaldeans, chanel, chingy, chips, christian dior, clubbin, clubs, coach, cruises, cuddling, dancing, detroit, diamonds, diesel, driving, eminem, express, eyeliner, fabolous, fashion, fendi, fetish, florida, fossil, g-unit, good charlotte, green, gucci, harry winston, hazel eyes, hip-hop, hollister, hoodies, hot tubs, hugs from behind, ice cream, italians, italy, j.lo, jay-z, jewelry, kissez, las vegas, lincoln navigator, lincolns, lip gloss, lord and taylor, louis vuitton, love, ludicris, magazines, make up, malls, manicures, marshall fields, mascara, mexicans, money, movies, mtv, nail polish, navigators, nelly, nike, nine west, nordstrom, parties, partying, pedicures, perfume, phat farm, piano, pictures, piercings, pink, prada, r&b, ralph lauren, rap, rap music, rims, road trips, roller balding, romance, saks fifth avenue, sephora, shady wear, shoes, shopping, sleeping, snoop dog, spinners, stuffed animals, summer, sunglasses, swimming, thongs, tiffany & co., toe rings, tommy hilfiger, tupac, tv, vacations, versace, vh1, victoria's secret, von dutch, wet seal
Friends:1: krhissy
Account type:Early Adopter

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