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User:isuxatlife18 (219897)
Name:Courtney V1
Website:My Greatest-Journal
Location:Blackstone, Massachusetts, United States

The Wait
I sit alone waiting
for something to happen
but nothing happens so
I sit here alone waiting
for something good to happen
but yet nothing good happens

Interests:150: 13 ghosts, alien series, aliens, alternative, american psycho, beavis and butthead, black, black magic, blade, bless the child, blood, cannibal corpse, carrie, cartoons, chambers, children of the corn, childs play, chucky, clowns, cold, cradle of filth, creatures of the night, crossbreed, crows, cults, dark city, darkness, darkness falls, death, deicide, demon night, deranged, devil's advocate, dimmu borgir, dope, dungeons, end of days, fear dot com, freddy krueger, friday the 13th, from hell, ghost ship, gore, gothic, guts, gwar, halloween, hannibal, hardcore, hatebreed, haunted, haunted houses, horror, house on haunted hill, i am weasel, immortal, in flames, industrial, interview with the vampire, jack the ripper, jason voorhees, jeepers creepers, jeff hardy, killing, killswitch engage, korn, linkin park, lita, lois & clark, lord of the rings, lost souls, love, magic, marilyn manson, matt hardy, metal, metal blade records, metallica, michael myers, movies, mudvayne, mushroom head, music, napalm death, night creatures, night walkers, nightfall, nile, old mans child, pain, pet sematary, pits, poetry, professional wrestling, punk, puppet master, queen of the damned, ravens, ren & stimpy, resident evil, rob zombie, rock, rosemary's baby, sanity, sci fi, sepultura, shadows fall, sharp objects, sick and twisted things, six feet under, skulls, slayer, slient of the lamb, slipknot, soilwork, sorrow, sports, stephen king, stigmata, suffering, super heros, superman, tales from the crypt, team xtreme, tears, the amityville horror, the blair witch project, the cell, the craft, the crow, the exorcist, the hardy boyz, the haunted, the howling, the matrix, the omen, the others, the ring, the sixth sense, the texas chainsaw massacre, the undertaker, tom & jerry, torture, wes craven, white magic, wishmaster, witches, wrestling trivia, wwe, zombies
Friends:11: emolyrics, fallengurl22184, gh_soap, hardcore_metal, howblue, metal_fans, relationships__, seamonhead9986, t1kklemeelm0, wrestlingtrivia, __relationships
Friend of:20: austin3164life, byyourside, darkevilvamprys, drksuenos, ducttaperocks, fallengurl22184, flirtaciousgal, gothicboy87, im_sorry, jenlaren04, millkid, pornoman, seamonhead9986, sexi_t, shortyzangelz42, stargurl03, t1kklemeelm0, thesarge, veiledvirtue, xnotxnormalx38
Member of:7: emolyrics, gh_soap, hardcore_metal, metal_fans, relationships__, wrestlingtrivia, __relationships
Account type:Free User

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