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Below is user information for |-|ea+her. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ismi_lei_butti (448516)
Location:Cape Coral, Florida, United States
AOL IM:I Smi Lei Butt I (Add Buddy, Send Message)
How you doin'? ;-) My name's Heather and first and foremost, I'm single. Happy, but single. That just means no guy is worth my time. Just kidding! I love my guy buddies. Umm.... I'm very athletic, outgoing, smart, crazy, fun, spontaneous and whatnot. So if you're a cool mofo, talk ta me baby. *peace
Memories:1 entry
Interests:148: alaska, amanda, amy, amy-jo, animals, ashley, axel, baby, bahamas, balls, basketball, baths, beach, bellies, biking, biting, black eyed peas, blue, body shots, bowling for soup, bubbles, carribbean islands, cars, chelsea, christian, coconuts, conditioner, cows, crazy, creative, creed, crush, dad, danielle, darren, defense, derek, dirty, driving, elephants, eminem, eric, evanescence, exercising, family, finding nemo, fish, fishing, flirting, forward, freddy, french, friends, funny, german liquor, germany, goalie, godsmack, grass stains, greece, green, green day, guys, hawaii, head ball, history, ice cream, icp, intelligence, italy, julia, katie, kelsey, killer whales, kissing, kool-aid, laughing, leron, licking, limp bizkit, lindsay, lindsey, log rolling, marine biology, massaging, matt, me, megan, michelle, mid-field, mom, monsters inc., movies, music, nature, oceanography, panama, photography, pigs, pizza, polar bears, powerade, powerman 5000, rain, reading, sandals, sarcastic, savage garden, sex, sexy people, shampoo, shirley temples, shopping, showers, silver, silverchair, simple plan, smiling, snow, snow skiing, soccer, south america, soy sauce, spain, spencer, spontaneity, stephen, sun, surfing, sweat, swimming, talking, tan, tanning, the ataris, tournaments, tubing, turtles, vodka, volleyball, wakeboarding, water, waves, working, working out, writing, yellow, zebras
Friends:2: damnpunk, x0pandapunk0x
Account type:Free User

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