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User:isis_ishtar (378479)
Name:Isis Ishtar
Location:Cairo, Egypt

The eldest daughter of the Ishtar branch of the Tombkeeper Clan and probably held in high standards as well since Marik abandoned his duties to create the Ghouls in order destroy the Pharaoh. She is resigned to a dark fate, perhaps a result of the atmosphere of despair and darkness that she was raised in underground. She is as much a sister as a mother to her brother since their mother died giving birth to a heir to the family. She came to Japan as a member of the Egyptian government, the division that deals with the care of Egyptian historical artifacts, though the majority of the display items were in fact the ones from the private care of the Ishtar clan. Both Kaiba and the Pharaoh have been given her hope, the hope that the future is not set and the latter in restoring her brother.

Isis is usually a reserved and calm individual, neither showing emotion. She came to Egypt to save her brother from the evil spirit, Mariku. And now realizes that Destiny and Faith CAN be changed. [Kaiba showed that] She cares dearly for her brother, and would do anything to destroy the evil spirit possessing him.

[some background for you since I know you probably don’t know half of this. Yes, she is part of a tombkeeper clan to protect the M. Items. The Ghouls are the Rare Hunters in the English Dubbed ::studder::. Now she DID have Oblisk God card but gave it to Kaiba in hope of changing the future. When they were little kids they were raised in the underground and only went to the surface. Malik and him motor cycle obsession come from this. That’s about it, sorry if I didn’t explain well.]

[ This journal is maintained by serialjoe88. Don't take what i say in here litterally it is an RP journal after all. I'd also like to thank Ash for some of Isis's info ^^]

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Interests:39: ancient egypt, bakura, destiny, dragon of ra, duel, duel monsters, egypt, faith, fortune telling, future, ghouls, god, god cards, gods, jewelry, jounouchi, kaiba, malik, mana, marik, mariku, millenium items, obilisk, otogi, pain, past, pharaoh, rare hunters, rishido, seto, shadow realm, slifer, tombkeepers, yami, yami bakura, yami malik, yugi, yugioh, yuugi
Friends:4: jounouchi_kun, mastermalik, seiyaryu, yuugi
Account type:Free User

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