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User:isabel_jones (124827)
Website:i make a playa wanna bite.
Location:New York, New York, United States
AOL IM:isababi05 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:[disclaimer:This is completely fake. This university does not exist, and the celebrities are not the actual celebrities. The person whose journal you are reading is a participant in a Role Playing Game (RPG). The celebrities are merely being used as characters in this RPG. It is a game and not intended to be taken seriously in any form or matter.]

Pb:alica keys.

Name: Isabel Jones
Name meaning: hmmmm
Nicknames: Isa and mah other is Diva...
Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: April 3rd
Place of Birth: harlem, New york
Ethnic Background: African American and Italian
Current Relationship: Single
Likes:Danceing, dance team, singing....boys,hangin wit tha gurls,shopping,talking....
Job: I work at D.E.M.O. (it's a hiphop clothing store, its where u get, yer baby phat, etc.)

Interests:45: 106&park, 50 cent, aaliyah, aim, alicia keys, amanda perez, american idol, ashanti, b2k, bet, boys, britney murphy, chillin, christina aguilera, clubbin, d.e.m.o., danceing, destinys child, emenim, eve, flirting, gwen stafani, jessica alba, justin timberlake, malcolm in the middle, mandy moore, missy elliot, movies, mtv, music, nelly, pdiddy, pizza, popcorn, r&b, rap, resse witherspoon, sean paul, shakira, shopping, singing, talking, tlc, trina, trl
Friends:107: abbey_walker, adam_greene, adam_leigh, aeryn_masters, alexander_grant, alice_kruspe, amberley_chase, amzdream, andie4u, angela_caldera, anya_martin, ashley_morgan, ashton_ward, audra_masters, ayu_shinichiro, babi_lita_, bballbrian, ben_carter, blake_johnson, bradley_king, brandon_masters, bryan_wasko, cadence_foster, caleb_osbourne, cam_shinichiro, candice_faber, celeste_moran, charlie_levine, chrislegend, chris_harris, clark_kentnb, conner_martin, daddysangel, daemonxbierl, dane_austin, danii_black, david_harris, denver_johnson, dominic_lopez, d_k_johnson, eveil_kevin, eve_logan, grace_carter, grant_thomas, gregorj_timmons, hotforyou, isabel_jones, jack_carter, jake_heights, jake_tyler, jarvis_stcroix, jason_black, jason_dubois, jayda_angelo, jeff_richards, jesse_rivers, jillian_west, jonathan, jorryn_hayden, justinius_vorn, justinwoodriver, justin_regal, just_joaquin, kai_tyler, kalesta_james, katie__j, kaycoa_dayton, kendall_k, kirsten_tyler, klaus_atkinson, krista_wilson, lars_kruspe, lidian_thomas, locke_cortez, lucie_ballard, mara_jensen, maxine_austin, megan_wallace, mercade_vega, morgan_atkinson, m_talvarez, natalie_jameson, nate_hawkins, nbu_mods, nick_dewitt, northbrooks_rpg, olivia_jaymes, princess_slut, rhiannon_rhia, riley_hayden, rpg_ads, saraimontgomery, sashmarie, schull_lirson, sean_cassidy, seth_maguire, shilara_woods, skye_cobain, skylar_madden, stacy_eddison, sunny_sonya, talena_marie, tamani_mai, terri_lirson, trev_donovan, ty_jacobs, vince_parker
Friend of:30: adam_greene, alexander_grant, alyssa_jordan, amzdream, andie4u, ashley_morgan, audra_masters, ben_carter, bradley_king, brian_mcmillan, caleb_osbourne, charlie_levine, chris_harris, danii_black, dante_artois, david_harris, dory_arion, gregorj_timmons, hotforyou, isabel_jones, johnny_noname, justin_regal, kadencedestinee, klaus_atkinson, morgan_atkinson, m_talvarez, natalie_jameson, princess_slut, skylar_madden, steven_hardy
Member of:1: rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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