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Below is user information for PS Please Die.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:inyourwake (417958)
Name:PS Please Die.
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Bio:I hate people. - oh but i need more friends so stalk me + add me to your list so i can be coool.
I laugh alot.
i like blowing kisses
I refuse to wear any other shoe but flipflops.
im a lush for grape juice.
Blowing bubbles is the coolest thing to do ever.
I throughly enjoy living life by band quotes.
When I rule the world, the only people allowed to wear shorts will be 12 + under.
Spaghettios still rock.
I'm uber cool.
I'm convinced I'm almost Marilyn Monroe.

YEAH. I'm just sick of bullshit. And I bitch alot. And I hope to CHRIST no one i fucking think is LAME finds this site or i'll slit THEIR wrists.
Interests:50: 16 candles, 8 days a week, alkaline trio, boy sets fire, braid, brand new, brandston, bright eyes, cheese, cursive, diamonds, elloit, empire records, fairweather, finch, fireworks and phone calls, flipflops, frank sinatra, from autumn to ashes, hey mercedes, i love lucy, kissing, koufax, liars academy, lip rings, mallrats, marilyn monroe, michelle branch, nirvana, oskar, piebald, pop unknown, postal service, red animal war, saves the day, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, spaghettios, sponge bob, stars, strokes, swing dancing, taking back sunday, text messages, the hives, the white stripes, thursday, tuesday, vintage clothes, weezer
Friends:1: brandnew00
Account type:Free User

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