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Below is information about the "Trading Invite Codes" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:invite_codes (23238)  
Name:Trading Invite Codes
Location:United States
About:Many people would like to have an invitation code to LiveJournal or DeadJournal, but do not know anyone who has one. This is a place where people can meet and trade these codes.

There are a few rules though:

Please do not be rude to people. Ask nicely and be prepared that not everyone will have what you are looking for.

Do not comment on other people's posts saying you need a code as well. That will not help anyone out.

There will be NO account trading or transferring of accounts in either a direct or indirect way. Any accounts being offered for trade will be immediately reported to the abuse team, and are subject to permanent suspension.

Follow these rules and getting a code should be no problem.
Interests:27: blurty, chatting, code, codes, dead journal, deadjournal, deals, friends, fun, icons, invitation codes, invite code, invite codes, journal, journals, layouts, live journal, livejournal, new people, pictures, reading, talking, trade, trades, trading, ujournal, writing
Members:366: 11_15_00, 4est, 79hellspawn, addictedtooi, aisling, ali_, allender, allineedislove, alliss, allyour_base, almightylight, alone_i_break, alseid, andreaakame, angelxrumours, angsty, annhilation, anotherloss, anti_god, as_i_die, as_you_were, babixcait, babyghetto, babygirljade, backwardsbaby, baltostarz, bastardxyouth, beautifuladdict, beautyfairy, blanketofrye, bleedingsoul, bleedingxxheart, blendedcoffee, bloodyfreak, bmogroupie, bondagemuffin, bottomofabottle, brass, breckenridge, broken_soul, bsting, bud_smo_ker, cakeface, calicutie308, candyswirl, carebearbabi22, carmilla, cassie_harrell, celicagirly, chaos_theory, charliegirl, cheaduh, cheeky_twat, chelleynicole, chibikawaiineko, chou_ahou, chrixxie, cinnamonspider, coffeerox, corvettechick, crack_whore, crankygurl, crapmaster, crogirl, cydonia, dappledstars, darkartist, deadcandance, deadeyes77, dead_like_me, death_decay, decayed_filth, die_die_die_xx, dirge, dirty_rotter, dmb_love, do_or_die, dracosmate, drink_a_dick, drunkgiddyglow, dudester, dumbstruck, emiilyy, emostar666, empyreal, enharmonic, enigmaticdaemon, erdbeerjunkie, erika, fadingdream, fairyharlot, falling_perfect, fearlessgaia140, fierliss, finding, firemouses, forgottendream, freakiishh, freaky_angel_87, fredheartssam, frub, fucking_loser, fucking__loser, genz815, gf_experience, girlwonder, give_into_hate, gloomylullaby, glorificus, graphic__wh0re, gravity_girl, growlithemetal1, gwyn, h8h8h8, hannahmontana, happyeeyore, hdofu, heartofglass, heyfabulous, hibla, hilla, hobbitfeet, hopelessdream, horrorbusiness, horsesworld, housegecko, hrosvith, hurleysheep, hurtme, hxckat88, iambenjiezho, ifallandbleed, ilargi, ilikeboys, ilikegcalot, ima_dirty_blond, infamouzxkaykay, infatuationjunk, infatuations, innocent_kitten, irrationalunit, isthistrite, i_h8_myself, jaka, jamfocus, jennamarder, jrt_justified, juggalopimp69, juicebattery, jumparound29, just__like_that, j_aira, kandydevil, kaos143, karch, keebler8448, keelin, killrockstaaars, kimmyclare, kingzilla, kissabledizzies, kookyhead, krispy_kremez, kristalynn03, kristine419, kumi, k_renee_143, lackadaisical, ladyinwaiting, lauran, leeluu, level27xxmade, libelula, lilliputian, lilmissd0rk, lilstrawberry, little_light, livvylove, lonelysuperbi, loopeh, lostinconfusion, lukreth, makavelithedon, makka, manicstars, masturbatedude, mentalwreck, millly, minapotter, mindlessfew, mirrored_knots, mivey, mizundastoodd, mokona_onna, moonduchess, moonlit_curse, mtrez, mybestmistakex, mydarklife, mydeadlydesire, myusernamerules, narkoticthrust, neo_heartless, nevermind_me, nightstarvenus, ninia, notasitseems, nyaokitty, ohfaney, oomiaoo, p1nk_lipstik, pants_free, pee, peripheral, phr0z3n0bj3ct1v, piepie, pikachika, pinkluva1414, pinky007, pixelslut, pkspalace, polly333, pommedeterre, priapus, propellant, psychobitch666, puckthefairy129, pudface, punkfaery, punkheartbreakr, punk_ass_bitch, pureblooded, purpleraven, raynemaiden05, raz_raccoon, rebelle, rejected247, rejekted, rena_is_me, retroladie, rikka, rippa, rockprincess, romantically, roomtobreathe, roo_tastic, rougebombe, saferthanheaven, salacious_muse, salt4yourwounds, sapphire, sarcasticfish, sathethert, saundersj, schneeflocke, sealie, sexi_lady, sexwithbill, sexxislammer, shatteredstone, shutupntalk, silenced_x0, silenttears8678, simplysexy, skitten, smilesintherain, sofiya, someones_nobody, soundbox, sparklekat, specialed72688, sprackly, starrynight1, star_kitten, star_shaped_box, sugarpill, suicidaldream15, sulfuric_acid, sunkissed, sunkistbabie, sunnyxsidexup, super_nothing, surface_of_me, sweetcandy1, sweetiepiejess, taintedkiss, tatsumaki, tauntingthemuse, technic0lor, teedy, tempest, tenacity, tesstingg, thats_amore, thegirlsasnob, ticklexmexpunk, tmih, toxicangel515, toxicpink, trombonekatie, twix, unbeliever, undadasea, unlit, unruly_beauty, urealizeihateu, useless2me, vadux, vampiregirl, vampiressalex, vanilla, vanillapsycho, vanishlikeact, walien, warisover, welowie, whatsyourstory, whenxdovesxcry, whiteandblack, wildreamer, winterbliss, winter_rose, wisey, x0iluvcorey0x, xbreakingxnitex, xcoldx, xebeche, xheartshotkidx, xheavenzstarx, xlilaimx, xlilrockstarx, xlittlesparkeex, xlovexhurtsx, xlust, xmaddisonrocksx, xmyhopesfallx, xmyimmortal, xolilhardy, xosexybritox, xoxjazzyxox, xprettyxwastex, xri0txgirlx, xroughdraftx, xsanguinex, xshyxevilxgirlx, xtinaluv, xtrickygirlx, xtwistedpinkx, xxkorn6freakxx, xxlonely_eyesxx, xx_nikki_xx, xx__mascara, x_cellar_door_x, x_defiance_x, yellowcardfan55, yourfaithinme, yourfookinrad, _2qt_, _foxx, _heaven_sent_, _insecure_, _inspirati0n, _snobbish, _strawberii, _vicious, _xnaota
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