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User:insanejester (523448)
Location:Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:VenomSymbiote17 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Well, i'm a person. Human to be precise (at least that's what they tell me.) I'm from Pawtucket (Foundly know as Pawfucket the Bucket) RI, Damn it sucks here, but i've got my kick ass car (2001 Subaru Impreza!!! O so close to my dream car Subaru WRX STI) My car's name is Imprezamus Prime (Is a Transformer, trust me) and junk. I wicked need a female. Look at me, I'm naming my car!!!! I love to sing, even though I suck. Music is huge in my life. Friends are definatly the most important thing to me. Only thing keeping me sane, actually. I like to say weird sayings like, "MSG'D!!!!" and "It's made out of people!!!!" I work in a Copy Center (makin, Copy's!!!!) in Mansfield, Ma. Not a bad job, good pay, can be kinda stressful at times. Ha, sweet, I'm an honorary roomate at room 303 at salve regina. Thanks Cristy, Lely and Kate! ROCK ON!! Well, that's about it, Fool.

Waz up to my posse!! (Wicked not Ghetto) ((In no particular order... or is it?? (((No, it isn't)))))

Chris- All around cool guy. Wanna smack him sometimes, but out of hilarity sake. Can kick plenty of ass at Magic, and video games, and mini-golf, and bowling, basically anything he's tried more than once. Known him since 7th grade (WOO!) at good old Jenks.

Peter- COME BACK!!!! Stupid Navy, whoever thought defending our country was a good idea should be shot on site, even though they're probably already dead, PROBABLY... Peter's an awesome dude who love to just hang out, and go on long walks to the beach, and, hey, that's personal. Known him since 4th grade (WOOOO!) at good old Curvin-McCabe.

Nikki- Good Ol' Nikkiness. Buffy fan extradonair, made me like the damn show. Stupid Sarah Michelle Gellar and her skimpy outfits and hotness (SEASON 1, mind you). Anyway, Nikki wicked rocks the casbah and is almost as Random as I am... Pretty damn close... Maybe she's a twisted clone... But I doubt it... and these dot dot dot's are annyoying... AHHH!!!! Know Nikkiness since 2nd grade (HOLY CRAP!!!) at once again, good Ol' Curvin.

Josh- My Brouther, the bro man, the bromeister, Josh Lima, the next Adema. hahaha, sweet. Josh is wicked fun to just go to random places with. I still can't figure out why i thought he was Irish, he's wicked portugese, even though he hates all portugese, (WTF????) I've only know Josh since Senior year at Davies retard Tech, But that makes him no less the friend, possibly more, we can't tell the friend-ometer is in the shop.

Cristy- Probably known her the least, but she's ok I guess (just kidding). She's a wicked party girl and also Chris's GF (that stud, :-p). She can be kinda mean sometimes, but she laughs at most of my lame jokes so it's ok! WOO! Hope to know her for quite some time, or not, whatever... KIDDING KIDDING KIDDING!!!! (te-he)

Sean- A.K.A. Realm, A.K.A. Ruby Heart, A.K.A. Padawan. Sean is definatly one of the funniest people I know. So Random, so wickedly and deliciously Random, like chocolate cake with gummy bears holding spears (the non-britney kind). Just Random. Don't get to many chances to chill with this fireball lately, but when I do, comedy ensues. Yes, Indubidably. Indeed! She can make animal noises like the best of them. Kinda scary. You should hear her Ash Catchem impersination. Fucking hilarious. Only known her since like May, I think, not sure.

Tiffany- SISter. Another Random I don't get to see too much, but it's wicked cool when I do. We seem to just feed off each others energy. We can be totally tired, then soon as we get in the car, HYPERNESS!!! Love just driving raandomly with her and ending up the beach, where we, you know... ... ... Talk you PERVERT!!! Get your mind out of the gutter. Known her since freshman year at Davies.

Sam - The rockin new chick!! lol, Random person I met online. She's friggin awesome. Too bad ya live in friggin NY. You really need to steal a car and get up here. Who What Amy Lee?? HAHAHA!! That Damn Pretty Bog, needs to die. POKE!!! U LOVE IT!!! Woot! Woot? WOOT! Known her since... like May 4, 04 I think, lol.

Kate - Kate-O-matic!!! Kate's wicked cool, but she wicked needs to learn how to use AIM. Lol, ArG!! Her army of milk duds is always after me, luckily I drive like a maniac so they can't keep up. Sucka!!! But I believe her new Chewey Spree Army may have what it takes to catch me. Only time will tell.
Known Kate since like October 03 I think.

I luvs ya all!!!! I feel so Care Bear right now.
Interests:29: back to the future, bowling, cars, cheese, chicks, chrysler crossfire, day's off, delorean, driving, friends, goats, good charlotte, kevin smith, linkin park, magic: the gathering, malls, marvel, mini-golf, money, movies, music, randomness, stuff, subaru wrx, transformers, venom, video games, wolverine, x-men
Friends:4: monkeycb, moonlitekiller6, ooanimouseoo, prettybog
Friend of:4: monkeycb, moonlitekiller6, ooanimouseoo, prettybog
Account type:Free User

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