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Below is user information for courtney. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:innocentchild07 (434366)
Bio:anything muppets, apples, ashton kutcher, back talk, being a dork, being alone, being too nice, being with friends, britneyspears, chad michael murray, chapstick, cheer, childish behavior, chucks, curly hair, degrassi, disney channel, disney shows, dolphins, ducks, finger paint, forensic science, girls, guys, little kids shirts, lunch, mall, miss piggy stuff, murder mysteries, my overall gayness, my rainbow army tag, my smart ass comments, newlyweds n & j, panda's, phone, pictures, power106, prettyboys, punks, rainbow bracelets, rainbows, simple plan, skaters, sprite, strawberries & champagne fragrance, strawberry bubble bath, the number 4, the teachers ass, the word fuck, toe socks, volleyball, your mom
Interests:51: acceptance, afi, aiden, anti flag, bane, chiodos, coheed & cambria, copeland, daphne loves derby, dead to fall, donnybrook, every time i die, fenix tx, finch, from first to last, good riddance, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, he is legend, less than jake, letter kills, limbeck, lost prophets, melee, motion city soundtrack, nofx, norma jean, panic! at the disco, pennywise, poison the well, rancid, rise against, saosin, saves the day, silverstein, simple plan, smashup, taking back sunday, the, the aquabats, the casualties, the chariot, the juliana theory, the used, throwdown, thursday, underminded, underoath, unwritten law, yellowcard, zao
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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