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User:infamousmami04 (130787)  
Location:North Bergen, New Jersey, United States

:: mE, mYseLf, anD i
hey this is your girl nia aka nellie aka lil nia (only to be called lil nia by the lil carnival crew or laur's fam lol) i'm 4'10, tan, puerto rican, bitchy, helpful, caring to nice people, hyper, high on life, in love, loved, loving, crazy, sweet, weird, lovable, honest, cute, conceited at times lol, careful, and trustworthy. "he tripped you!! made you fall and never planned to pick you up!!"- laurie lol "you're puerto rican?! see what i mean!! and look at this; nia's adorable!."- cece talkin about how hot puerto rican guys are lol; haha but i'm a girl. "auntie!!"-krista hehe; the lil carnival crew is the bomb- a truly special group made on a great day |[laurie, cece, kelly, and me]| we're truly one of a kind.

i say what i want on my blurty; afterall it is MINE right? i'm not gonna tone it down for you or for anyone so get that straight now. if by any chance you don't like what i'm saying or are offended by something click the x at the top of the page and see your way out. i don't wanna be rude because you are entitled to your own opinion but if you're here to bash me for my views then you aren't welcome and you really need to get a life. since this is my blurty if i don't like a comment you make here it will be deleted- it's as simple as that. not only that but if you aren't mature enough and you feel that your young little eyes don't like to read anything with cussing or anything else that may be too "old" for you then you shouldn't be reading my stuff; plain and simple-- now i'll wrap this up for you just so there is no confusion- if you're offended by somethin;leave, if something is too mature for you and you aren't comfortable reading it; leave.

:: my friEnds; oh yeah baBy!
laurie, lanie, cindy, krista, jess, dani, kristen, karina, nati, kimberly, juana, i'm sure i'm missing someone-- there's more to come soon.

Interests:2: bet, oda ish
Friends:1: infamousmami04
Friend of:1: infamousmami04
Member of:1: html_help
Account type:Early Adopter

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